Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tapa King's flakes - my happiness at the office

Going to the office can be boring and dull sometimes...especially when you keep eating the same type of food over and over again.

Then I discovered the Tapa Flakes (worth PHP 105) from Tapa King. Whenever I eat this, it somehow excites me. (I do not really know why hahaha) It is basically just flakes of tapa, rice, and diced tomatoes. I always order it "well done" and toasted, such that when I eat it - its perfectly crispy. Matches perfectly with spicy vinegar.

This sounds really weird but it actually tastes good. That I know of people of who is addicted to it as well. hahaha.

Try it out! Happy tripping.

"Good food is worth the wait." - Tapa King


Charme said...

Fave ko din ang Tapa King Flakes! may distinct taste siya na hinahanap hanap ko, and thankful din ako na may promo din sila from MetroDeal: