Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bab House's Gimbap: An employee's best friend

Ever since I became a foodie, I have been fascinated with spices. One of the cuisines very dear to me is the Korean cuisine. I absolutely love the texture, taste, smell, even the preparation of their food. Every food is a product of tradition and good "intent". I personally believe that korean food is good for the body.

Which now brings me to the good news for Makati folks. Just located on the 3rd floor of the RCBC Plaza, right across Starbucks.. you will see a korean joint. Its call Bab House. It does serve you basic korean food. From rice meals, noodles, dessert, and stews. Price ranges from PHP90-300. It depends on how hungry you are. I am happy to say that they serve good kimchi. Whether you have it "for here" or "to go", they serve kimchi with it. Plus they claim to serve MSG free food.

Just this lunch I had the rice cakes in spicy sauce for PHP170. It was such a heavy meal, that i did not finish it all by myself. Usually first timers, eat BIBIMBAP [mixed rice] since its a full meal for just PHP160-170. Really not bad for the quantity of food. They also have korean ice cream MELONA which i absolutely love -- green flavor. Awhile ago i tried the ICE WAFFLE [PHP 60]. It was not that great. Light taste. Not a great experience for me. Plain ice cream. But it was fun to eat. I still recommended the original green melona ice drop!!

But that is not my main focus, I ahve been consuming Bab House's Gimbap for several months now. I have tried the Original [PHP 90] and Bulgogi [PHP 110]. Make sure to ask for the sesame soy sauce to go with this. Why is this my recommendation for fellow employees?

1. Fast and easy to consume. Easy to clean. Does not smell. Given that it is as it is, you can eat it at your workstation and do your stuff since you just pop it in your month and you are good to go.
2. 12 pieces of rolls. Heavy enough to fill up even a man's tummy.
3. Taste is filling. It does not taste short.
4. Comes with KIMCHI.

Bab House does serve quite "slow" compared to other fast food chains. But then again as the Tapa King motto says: "Good food is worth the wait." And it definitely is.

So next time you get hungry, try out Bab House's dishes. I'm sure you will find one that suits your taste.

Happy Tripping!