Monday, June 25, 2012

Cold Layers Review: Dessert Place by Northeast Square, Connecticut, San Juan

Ever heard of those famous ice shavings dessert served at almost all asian countries? They are not your typical shaved ice, these desserts are made from a smooth shaved ice that is topped with fruity syrup of all sorts.

Just this weekend, I went to the Northeast Square at the Connecticut to enjoy some dinner. For dessert, the milk tea ad caught my eye. I decided to buy their Milk Tea with Salted Cream Cheese [PHP 110]. It was tasty, though given its size and price it is pretty much expected. It was not uniquely yummy, it was the typical milk tea that makes a good company. I can clearly taste the milk tea but the cream cheese was not as distinct.

My friend decided to try their shaved ice aka SNOW ICE. He got the mango snow ice for PHP 120. It was tasty especially when mixed with the syrup. This dessert is pretty big, one serving can serve 2-3 people.

Cold Layers had a cozy place. Spacious enough to hold 20-30 people. Good idea for a small party. They snow ice claims to be STARCH FREE, 100% NATURAL, LOW FAT, and LOW CALORIE. Thus it is a good option to bring children at. They even have penguin decorations that looks real fun.

Prices range from:
Original Series of Snow Ice: PHP 95-200
Special Series of Snow Ice: PHP 150-240
Bubble Tea: PHP 90-100
Yakult Tea Series: PHP 110-120
Bubble Fruit Juices: PHP 90-100
Bubble Milk Tea: PHP 100-110
Bubble Drinks/Mix: PHP 100-110
Salted Cream Cheese Drinks: PHP 110
Milk Tea Smoothies: PHP 100-110
Smoothies: PHP 95-105

PLUS they serve food! From salad, sandwiches, soups, pastas, rice meals. PHP 95-260. With all these good variety, you will surely find something for everyone. :)

Check them out at 2nd Fl Northeast Square building Connecticut Street Greenhills, San Juan. And they also deliver via CityDelivery: 87878.

Happy tripping!!