Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2 Bangkok: Chatu Chak Weekend Market

Day 2 of my 9 days in bangkok.

Had the complimentary breakfast provided by DND inn. Afterwards, took a cab to Chatu Chak. [32 BAHT] Me and my companions had a hard time meeting up since Chatu Chak is really big and our cab drivers did not bring us to the same gate entrance. So in the end of relentless calling and texting, we just decided to went our own merry way. This market is only open during the weekend. So be sure that you plan your trip to have weekends in it.

Refer to this site for complete information on this weekend market. :) Caution here, lots of pickpockets so always keep an eye on your belongings. As anywhere in bangkok, make sure you ask for discounts or buy in bulk. But the prices in this market is really good already, you just have to watch out for merchants who pad the price since you are a tourist. 

Me and my friends mostly covered the new section of Chatu chak, but we did not have the strength to cover the whole main market. :( We covered most of the clothes section. we saw lots of interesting things, from clothes, food, furniture, DOGS!! :) As people say, if there is something you cannot find in Chatu Chak, you cannot find it anywhere in bangkok. It was really a good good market experience, i love every single bit of it. Even though it was not air conditioned and the scorching sun with the mass of people can cause nausea... it was well worth it. Managed to buy lots of souvenirs and dresses. In case you get hungry, they have lots of food stalls. I only had waffle and milk tea [60 BAHT] since I just could not wait to shop more.  

Just to give you an idea of the prices here:
Souvenirs - bought 50 keychains for just 500BAHT. compare that to the first keychain my younger sister bought for 90 BAHT.
Dresses - Bought dresses ranging from 200-300 BAHT.

Since the heat was too much, both my younger sister and friend had a heat migraine. We had to go back to the hotel and rest. Took a cab for 35 BAHT. Rested til it was night time. For dinner, we decided to try the local street foods. I decided to eat some congee [35 BAHT]. Afterwards, we decided to eat something more hygienic... went to Swengens for some desserts. My sister and I shared a dessert costing 109 BAHT. It was yummy and great for the heat.  

Off to sleep due to the fatigue from the heat. Another morning waits. ^_^