Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3 in Bangkok: Shopping Galore at Wholesale malls

Day 3 of the 9 day Bangkok Trip.

Woke up and had the complimentary DND breakfast. Had to pack our things and move to the hotel we booked for the rest of our stay in Bangkok. We walked a few meters to Rikka Inn. It was located at Khao San Road as well, very accessible to different convenient stores. There we realized the major difference to that of DND.
              DND - cheaper, bigger rooms, complimentary breakfast, fast internet, rude receptionist
              Rikka Inn - safer [security guard], smaller rooms, no breakfast, slower internet, better receptionist 

Riding the TukTuk

In the end, we missed DND for its value for money. I paid 2900 BAHT for 6 nights. Not bad. Not bad. Room was definitely smaller but seemed safer compared to the DND. Anyway, after leaving our stuff we head out to go to the WholeSale Malls. But before that we managed to get a Tuktuk for just 10 BAHT to take us to the Government Travel Agency called Unseen Travel Agency. There we booked a day trip to the outskirts of Bangkok - which should cover Elephant Village, Falls, and such. 

Inside the unseen travel agency

Our Itinerary --- but did not happen
Official Receipt from Unseen Travel... Our tour guide was shocked of the amount we paid


It was such a horrible trip. I will discuss it on Day 4. We paid 800 BAHT per head [we were 6 in all] for this "all-inclusive" tour. Word of caution here, we got a tour that did not match up to the things listed on our itinerary. Our tourist guide/driver did not know how to speak ENGLISH, we could not communicate with him. He did not know where to bring us, we almost had to shell out some more money to get to places we would like to see. It was a very poor and greedy travel agency. Our guide only got about 30% of the money we paid. It was really stressful and tiring. Do not be fooled easily, make sure you do research on the agency and as much as possible go with your gut feeling. There actually a Filipino Travel Agency near Pratinum, sadly we saw it after we had booked the tour. :( Next time we will booked with the agency instead.

Moving on, we took a cab to PLATINUM [pronounced as PRATINAM]. It was the best mall ever!!! I had a great time going through all the floors, shopping til I literally could not carry things anymore. I bought lots of dresses and casual clothes - range is just the same as chatu chak: 150/300 BAHT. But it is undeniable that the quality here is good. I even bought accessories, detachable collars -- 3 collars for just 520 BAHT. Bought more souvenirs since I thought I could no longer find anymore souvenirs. Had a late lunch at McDonalds: spicy rice meal with milk tea for 196 BAHT. It was really spicy but yummy! 

MCDO lunch

Shopped a bit more, made sure that I saw every crook and nook of the mall. It was really overwhelming since this street was filled with different wholesale malls. I only managed to go to one but I'm happy. ^__^ So next stop was Big C, a great mall but more known for its big grocery. Managed to buy a lot of things to bring home from toiletries to food. Spent about 2000 BAHT. I bought this crispy pig skin that really looked like a good take home gift and bought lots of Nestea Milk Tea. YUMMM. Ate dinner at the common mall food court, only afforded to buy a rice meal worth 50 BAHT.. used up all my money shopping. T_T The cool experience here is using the prepaid card to buy food in the food court. It was interesting. Before leaving, I managed to buy some mister donut rings just like that of Taiwan's. 32 BAHT. Bought it for breakfast tomorrow. 

Someday, I will eat here - Inside Big C Mall

Food Court inside Big C
Where to load your prepaid card for the food court
Prepaid Card
My Dinner =))
Evening Sale!!

With our bags all full and feet tired. We took a cab back to Khao San. But since someone in the royal family died, roads to khao san was closed. So we were dropped to a nearby road and had to walk about 30 minutes. We took the time to marvel at the infrastructures of bangkok while walking. It was pretty cool that wherever you look there are idols. They really spent a lot to make their country beautiful. Kudos to them. Upon arriving home, we washed up and rested. Looking forward to the adventurous day ahead.

Me and Khao San at night

Temples everywhere

Nice infrastructure