Monday, June 25, 2012

Manang's Chicken Review

These past few years, there has been a craze for these specially marinated chickens. I recently heard of Manang's and how their chicken was comparable to that of Bon Chon's. So I got curious. I just got to taste it. Luckily, Manang's have a lot of branches all over the metro that it was not hard stopping by at one of their stores.

I went to their branch in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. There was a new mall constructed and I wanted to see whats in it. I ,together with my friend, had lunch at Manang's. They were well known for their garlic flavored chicken. My friend got the 2 pc [extra spicy] chicken w/ rice meal for PHp 149. And I had the Garlic Pork Liempo Rice Meal for PHP 99.

There were a few things I noticed about our orders, it was pricey especially for my Pork Liempo since I only had about 3 small pieces of meat all else were garlic bits. But the liempo was cooked good, it was tasty. The juice served with our meals were a bit too small, had a shortage when we were eating. The chicken was not as spicy/ nor as tasty as we thought it would be. :( Sadly, it seems like Bonchon is still a better choice for the chicken aspect.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Manang's has a lot of potential to grow its menu. They price more to meet with their competitors. Their chicken is unique in its own garlic space and I do hope they prosper. Surely, their flavor will capture many Filipino hearts. :)

Do try out Manang's chicken when you get the chance. Especially now that they have an on going promo. Happy tripping.


Lawrence said...

I'd love to try Manang's. thanks for sharing it to us. ahm, was that sesame seed on that last pic?

anyhow, you have an award waiting for you here:

Jeatte Go said...

Hi lawrence!

Thanks for the award! ^__^
Yep, those are sesame seeds.