Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OXO Good Grips: Smooth Edge Can Opener

Ever had those nasty cuts from opening cans? Usually I had trouble getting the "cut" part out of the can. Basically, opening cans has been a "hassle" for me. But not anymore... hahaha

I recently opened a can opener I bought during my last visit to California. I bought a can opener worth $20 from Fry's electronics. It was worth every single dollar. It was so cool!

It is called Good Grips by OXO. It cuts open a can without any mess and muscle effort from the user. It has a UK and US patent. It was like magic when i first used it. It leaves no sharp edges on both the can and lid. It requires less effort with its side wind knob. The magic here is how it cuts open the can, usually the can openers cut from the inside. But using this device, it cuts the outside seal of the can, so the lid will not fall into the food. It also has this cute lid pliers that is used to get the cut lid out of the can, thus no need to touch the can and get dirty. It is safe, fast, easy to use even by kids.

It was a breeze! Really recommend this for every kitchen.

1. Align can opener on top of can lid with OXO logo facing upwards.
2. Open handles and place stainless steel cutting wheel against can edge.
3. Close handles to lock on and peirce can. Turn knob clockwise to cut.
4. After a full circle around the can, you fill feel the resistance drop. Trun the knob back, counter -clockwise one turn and open handles.
5. Voila. Its open.
6. For no-touch lid removal, clamp lid pliers on can edge and lift.

Try it out! I'm sure you will not regret it. :)