Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zaifu Review: Dragon Roll Awesomeness

Remember my blog about Tapa Flakes? Those small things that make me absolutely happy regardless of how my day sucked?

There is another one of those rare gems that make me smile even though my life pretty much kicks me on the gut. It is Zaifu's Dragon Rolls [PHP 299: 8 pieces]. It contains shrimp tempura and kani rolled in nori and rice, topped with a dice of unagi and tempura flakes and finally sprinkled with some sesame seeds to complete its taste. It contains this sweetness and crispiness that makes me just forget about the problems in life for a few seconds. For that moment that its in my mouth, I just focus on its tastefulness and how life can be better. :)

Its shallow but food really does makes me happy. Even for just a short while, I appreciate this life filled with colors and wonders left to be discovered. If people can make such comfort foods, maybe life is not that bad after all. I hope this dish makes your day suck less [if ever it did].

Location: Ground floor of the powerplant mall. Just in front of Kaya Korean Restaurant. You can't miss it.
Happy tripping! :)