Monday, July 23, 2012

Banapple Review: best place to chill

PS: I do not write paid reviews, all of which are based from my own experience and will. :D

I've been to Banapple a couple of times before but I realized I should write about it so that more people will know just how good it is. 

Best thing about Banapple: Big Serving = Reasonable Price. One meal is about PHP 180. This is a very good price for a good serving of meat. But it is not all about serving, the taste in itself is comparable to other restaurants who price higher than PHP300 for the same food. The menu variety is awesome and the servers are great people. 

For their complete menu refer to the link. From their humble place in Katipunan, they have grown to many branches in greenhills, makati, and alabang. Refer to their home page for more information. 

Some tips:
1. Buy their savory pies! For just PHP75, you get a great breakfast option. Its as heavy as a pound. Really worth the money. Its good for sharing.
2. Dory or Ribs meal. For just PHP160-180, you get a handsome serving of meat. Perfect for a power lunch.
3. Banoffee Cake! For just 100, you get this amazing cake. Really yummy crust. Well balanced texture and flavor. Great dessert.

But that is not all! I recently discovered that Katipunan and Tomas Morato branch has a newly opened function room that can hold up to 30 people. Its very cute and cozy. I will sure to book one in my next social gathering. 

Check it out! And happy tripping.