Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 4: Day Tour at the Outskirts of Bangkok c/o Unseen Travel Tours

Day 4 of day 9 in Bangkok.

Today was all about enjoying what's outside Bangkok. Remember my post on Day 3 when we booked a day tour from Unseen Travel. Per head we paid 800 Baht, we were a party of 6.

Our driver picked us up at 7 am Rikka Inn Entrance. We drove for about 3 hours to the outskirts of town, upon reaching the province we were still driving around the city for hours. We all thought the driver knew what he was doing so we ended up just talking and sleeping. Then we realized we were lost, I tried talking to the driver and he does not understand english very well. So yes, we were screwed. He bought us to our "Thai Buffet Lunch". The driver/non-english speaking tour guide gave us 50 baht each.. it was no BUFFET Lunch as mentioned in the tour itinerary. We got angry and called the Unseen Travel Agency and complained , all they did was pass us around and decided to give us 100 baht each for our lunch. We were clearly disappointed. We used to money to buy lunch and water at the local cafeteria. To make things much worse, the driver did not know where to take us to. We showed him the itinerary and he can't understand it. Luckily we found a local who translated it for us, there we found out that our driver did not know where to take us. At the end of the conversation, we managed to conclude our stops. We went to the Damnern Saduak Floating Market, Elephant Village, Bridge over the river kwai and a random cemetery.

The funny thing about this tour was besides our tour guide did not know how to speak english, he just bought us to a RANDOM cemetery and pretended it was a local tourist spot O_O. In addition to that, there was such a poor logistics with the travel agency, that we almost ended up paying for entrance fees for the elephant village. Good thing we were aggressive enough and demanded our rights since as per our agreement with the travel agency, everything should have been prepaid already. I really do not recommend working with agencies who do not care for their clients. We really were stressed and had a very rough start.

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Anyway let me narrate how our day progressed, we had our pictures taken at a random cemetery. It was a plain cemetery but we decided to still take photos. We then headed off to the bridge at river kwai. There we took more photos with the bridge, we saw the train station but decided not to take the train since it was dangerous to leave without proper guidance. We might go back alive. The scenery here was lovely, the bridge was old that sends off this cool rustic feeling in the images. We also decided not to go to the Jeath Museum since we had other places to go. Given that we were running out time, we prioritized the other locations instead. Next we headed for the floating market, we rode the boat that took us to the different "boat stores". It was an interesting experience, but we did not buy anything since everything was too pricey as compared to the wholesale malls we've been to. We took more pictures of the tour and just enjoyed the stores. Last on the trip was the elephant village, this was the COOLEST experience i had with an animal. We went there and rode at an elephant's back. We were grouped to pairs. They took us around the village. The elephant had such a thick skin that the elephant rider had to poke the elephant with a spike to get his attention. :( We saw elephants taking a poo and peeing, I cannot forget the size of the elephant's penis. It was like it was an extra foot. :O  Then the rider sold us some accessories, carved from the elephant's tusks. We were hoping they came from dead elephants rather than live ones. :( My sister decided to buy an elephant necklace worth 150 BAHT to help the village. Gave 100 baht as the rider's tip. Then we paid extra 40 BAHT to personally feed the elephants with some vegetables. Again, another great experience. Feeling their nose sucking the vegetable off your hand. Then the rider allowed us to ride the elephant from its neck. IT WAS SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE. I love elephants, they are such smart and gentle creatures. I do hope they are well taken care of. You can buy your photos with the elephant for 100 BAHT, my friend bought his photo as a souvenir.

That concluded the tour, on our way back, we dropped off my sister and her friend at the train station. They will be going back to the Philippines. Leaving me with my 3 friends to wander bangkok for another 5 days. Upon arriving at the hotel, we washed up and went down to have drinks and dinner. We ate dinner at the pizza company, we split the bill such that one person paid 150 baht. We drank at a local bar , i spent 270 baht on drinks. We ate grasshoppers, frogs, and silkworms [40 baht] for appetizers. We played buff while chilling around. It was such a great way to relax. We were so tired from the trip that laughing our heads off, was so great. But the best street food I ate that night was the MANGO STICKY RICE worth 25 baht. It was just some sticky rice with mango but it was so yummy! must try. So after all the drinking and laughing, we decided to call it a night. Whew! what a great day!

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