Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How traveling spare heartbreaks

Audience: Mainly for the unmarried couples. But for married couples, I highly recommend traveling once in awhile with your partner. Nothing beats a "just us" moment.

Just recently I read an article about traveling with your significant other. It made me realize a lot of things. Traveling with just your partner can lead to a lot of "good" [growing in your relationship] and "bad" [breaking up] things. The pretense here is that it is just you and him; like a mini retreat to better understand each other or rekindle things between you, because if others are within the picture it might distort the results you want to see. On the other hand, having other people around for a duration of time will definitely help in seeing how he treats others as well [plus it makes the trip cheaper].

The best perk is situation setting. Given that its just you and him, you do not need to pretend to be someone or guard yourself. This will make the trip more "natural". The best thing about this kind of trip is for you to see and feel if you are both made for each other, without the messy promises and contracts signed. So there is no "til death do you part" pressure just the "make the best trip" pressure. Just be yourself and see where it goes. Things to notice would be are the essentials like: how does he treat other people [including you], what are his habits [hygiene, money, and work], stress management, personality and prioritization. Communication between the two parties will be inevitable in this setting, and in any relationship, communication is the starting line. I believe you will know a person better like this than having those guarded "mini-dates" since you are with that person from the start and end of your day. From all those realizations/observations gathered, think about whether they are worth discussing or are they rule breakers. The best thing about this trip is that is educational and unbinding for those unmarried.

But then again, you should not just rush off with your partner and have a trip. There are a lot of considerations to be considered prior, such as: Budget, Maturity, and Willingness. It is crucial that both parties are honest and open about who they are. Traveling for only two people is definitely more costly, since you will not have people to share your expenses with and also you will not have those group discounts. Maturity should be highly considered since traveling with a brat will not be fun. Also having two people spending the night together alone is only for the disciplined. In fact for this, I would recommend having two separate rooms rather than beds [for the unmarried]. Temptations are just around the corner and it is crucial for the couple, who want to embark in such trips, to be controlled in that aspect. It is important to lay rules that will make your trip as less messy as possible. Willingness should be considered since both parties should be actively participating to get the best results.

In summary, it is crucial to know your partner inside and out. You have to truly gauge if you are compatible with one another. Know each other's quirks and wiring, that way you will know if you can last a lifetime together. Taking trips together is a method, but in case you cannot... then just remember one thing: BE HONEST and COMMUNICATE. Regardless of where you are or your situation is, just be yourself around your partner. DO NOT be anything else than what you are made to be. Talk it through and see where it goes.