Monday, August 6, 2012

Anti - cervical cancer shots: Cervarix

We have been hearing and seeing campaigns about anti-cervical cancer vaccines lately. Just recently it was offered at our company at a discounted rate of PHP 1900 per shot [2 strain]. (there are shots with more strains: better] It was suggested to have 3 shots taken at specific intervals. Its a shot that is recommended to be taken after 6 years, but our nurse said we can also opt to take it just one round for our whole lifetime. 

At first I was hesitate to take it since I do not like feeding my body "alien" stuff. But upon consulting my doctor sister, she told me that its not necessarily needed but I will not loose anything by doing it. Its a proactive action against a potential sickness: HPV virus. So I decided to avail of it since it is indeed cheaper than normal, plus its to support the anti cancer movement.

It was not painful. I'm glad I took the step to get shot. You should too. It pays to be proactive and take the bull by the horns. Have a good week!