Saturday, August 4, 2012

App Trailers

why download this app?

why not? App Trailers is FREE.
you never have to pay for anything 
Watch short trailers, you get points. Points = cash $
you want to earn some money
they pay you where ever you are 

Did you know that you could earn money with your Ipod/Iphone/ipad ? with an application called App Trailers, anyone from around the globe, with internet connection would be able to earn points and earn some extra cash. Users would simply watch trailers, application trailers, and sometimes, movie trailers and that will earn you points which you could redeem as GCs or money, sent to your paypal. So far, I've tried it and it really pays! Since GC's or gift certificates aren't usually applicable in the Philippines. I redeem my points in cash to my paypal account. and I have earned a few dollars. It pays you in USD. now, I'd have a few extra cash to buy my geekery stuff online :)) who knew making money could be this easy??

Just download App Trailers here and then use code 'balotpenoy' for extra points when you signup.

BONUS NOTE: if you want some extra points, be sure to use the code 'balotpenoy' when you do download and signup with the app because that would automatically add you some points and get you start earning!! :))