Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Car wreck? Call tow service

Last week I had a terrible car trouble. My car suddenly stopped in the middle of edsa [freeway in manila]. It was raining hard and I was causing traffic. It was such a terrible experience. I called home for help but it took them about 1 hour to get to my site. So while that was going on, apparently edsa has cameras that prompted a towing service to come and tow my car away.

They were a bunch of nice men that offered to tow my car at a nearby mall for PHP1700 or to my home for P2500. Given that these are my options, I chose for a direct tow to my home to be sure. I arrived safe and apparently my car's alternator was broken. Luckily I am learning these things at a good time, now i know of a good towing service that I can call on for emergencies.

JWJ Towing Service
1 Ortigas Avenue, Impounding Area, Rosario, Pasig City
Contact: Red 09237002150
24/7 Service

So for your next car emergency, I tested and approve of this tow service provider. Keep their contact as it may come in handy.

Have a nice day!