Monday, August 6, 2012

Conti's Review: Trinoma Mall

Conti's is well known restaurant that not only serves good food but also cakes. Their bestsellers are the MANGO BRAVO and BANANALICIOUS PIE. The branch in trinoma is usually full so make sure to allot a buffer time for waiting. The serving time for the food is quite slow, Im guessing they are cooking the food on a per order basis. Space management can be improved as it tends to be crowded too much that sometimes its hard to move around. Food is quite pricey and serving portions are average. Not a place I can afford to eat at everyday.

For one dinner, me and my friend went for their food bestsellers. All in all we spent PHP 1487.89 for 4 people. Not bad right: given that it was a night full of laughter and good food.

We ordered the following:
1. Baked Salmon: PHP 355. Served with a thin brick of salmon with buteer. It was light and filling. Great meal. Served without rice.
2. Parmesan Fish Fillet: PHP240. Typical fish fillet.
3. Pstl de Lengua: PHP260. An interesting dish. Lengua was soft and flavorful. Served with two small balls of rice. It was served beautifully. Good dish. Through its quite small.
4. Seafood au gratin: PHP250. Tastes like an omelet. It was okay.
5. Brewed Coffee: PHP 60. Typical coffee.
6. Mocha Frappe: PHP125. Strong coffee taste, but yummy never the less. Though it does not compliments the taste of what we just ate.
7. Strawberry shake: PHP95. Yummy.
8. Yellow Mango shake: PHP 80. Yummy.

Overall, it was a good experience. But it just did not have that kick like its desserts. Nevertheless, still a consistent provider of good food.

Happy tripping.