Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Get a FREE Lacoste L12.12 Vertical Tote c/o Citibank

If you need help with your citibank application, drop me a note.
Promo Period:  

August 15, 2012 to November 15, 2012

Promo Offer:  

Get a Rustan’s Citibank Card and receive your very own Lacoste L12.12 Vertical Tote Bag (SRP 4,050)

Who can Avail:

Applicants without an existing Citibank Credit Card who subsequently gets approved for a Rustan’s Citibank Card

How to Avail

Each Qualified Rustan’s Citibank Cardholder will receive an electronic redemption stub via SMS on the designated date depending on the Approval Date:

The Qualified Rustan’s Citibank Cardholder must make a qualifying purchase of at least PHp2,000 using his/her new Rustan’s Citibank card within sixty (60) days from receipt of the electronic redemption stub via SMS to be entitled to redeem one (1) Lacoste L12.12 Vertical Tote Bag (Product Code: NF0278PO)

How to Claim

Redemption starts September 20, 2012.

The Qualified Rustan’s Citibank Cardholder must proceed to any of the following Lacoste branches within sixty (60) days from date the SMS electronic stub was received:
§  Rustan’s Makati
§  Rustan’s Tower
§  Abreeza
§  Alabang Town Center
§  Ayala-Cebu
§  Eastwood
§  Gateway
§  Greenbelt 3
§  Mall of Asia
§  Megamall
§  Newport Mall
§  Robinson’s Galleria
§  Robinson’s Magnolia (soon to open, Sep 2012)
§  Robinson’s Place
§  Rockwell
§  SM Davao
§  The Podium
§  Trinoma
§  Glorietta 4 Accessories


Anonymous said...

Are these bags for girls only?

Jeatte Go said...

Hi! yes, I was told it was for girls. :)

Anonymous said...

nash said...
want to know, if all who had purchased using the new rustan's citibank credit card must all be qualified or they will choose from them for a qualified one??

Jeatte Go said...


Yes you are entitled to the bag as long as you are a new cardholder with the bank and applied, subsequently approved within the promo period.

Anonymous said...

can the supplementary holder redeem the free bag??

Anonymous said...

Hello, i considered applying for the credit card because of that promo that the citibank guy told me. I applied last october and received the approval via text nov 20. Just received the card today. Does that mean i'm not qualified anymore bec i was approved nov 20?

Anonymous said...

Bad thing is out of stock lagi esp sa Trinoma and ang staff(cashier last nov 22/1pm) wasnt accomodating at all.Nakasimangot pa when i politely said im claiming my Tote!!!!! THE!!!! keychains,wallets,shoes,towelsssssss,shirtssssss,and bagssssssssssssss ...yan meron ako,i dont deserve the face after all!

Anonymous said...

Went to megamall and they said the bag is out of stock. They also said that they don't know when it will be available. There might be a good chance that we may not be able to claim our reward.

Anonymous said...

I spent morethan 2000 since nov.6 but still wla pa ako narereceive na electronic sms..

Anonymous said...

it seems that we'll be having a hard time claiming the free Lacoste bag. Almost all of the stores here in Metro Manila doesn't have a stock of the bag and they don't even know when Citibank is going to deliver to them the stocks! Worst of it all,we're only given until Jan. 15, 2013 to claim the bag!

Jeatte Go said...

yeah, they make it real hard to claim sometimes.

TPS said...

They've extended the promo till February.

Anonymous said...

I already inquired from different lacoste branches, most of them advise that they'll just issue a Lacoste GC in replacement to the Tote bag, unfortunately Citibank & Lacoste Merchandising haven't finalized the real item for redemption, sad to say 4 days to go and the redemption period is over. How can't they solve this? They are too aggressive when it comes to offering the Credit Card and how come they couldn't do something about it?

hebehemi Sato said...

Awesome.There are some really incredible designs, with a nice logo print on it they could sell anything. Thanks for sharing this one. promo bags

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the promo for Lacoste bag was extended?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that that if I get the GC from lacoste iI cannot cancel my card for 2 years? Citibank said that FREE if I spent 2k. What a trick from citibank......

Anonymous said...

Im really disappointed with kind of matter, i applied a card here to get a lacoste bag but until now, i haven't claim it.I called Citibank with regards to this issue and they keep on telling me that they will do something to fix it.I decided to transfer my balance to my other credit card and plan to cut my card there.So guys, lets boycott Citibank cards because they have many hidden charges and they doesn't have the "word of honor"FUCK THEM!!!!!!