Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kitchen Essentials: What you need in your kitchen

I've been reading about cooking lately. One thing that struck me was I should know what are the things that should be present in a kitchen to ensure that I can cook easily. Thus came about this article of mine.

1. Knives: There are different kinds of knives depending on the level of your cooking experience. But for beginners, these basic set should be sufficient:
* Cook's Knife: the usual big knife that we see in cooking shows
* Paring Knife: small knife to cut delicate vegetable and meat
* Bread knife
* Palette Knife
* Knife Sharpening Steel: a long vertical steel used to sharpen knives. You may opt to get your knives sharpen by "quickee" instead.
2. Chopping Board: Wood or Plastic. Just ensure that its sturdy. It is advised you have different kinds for vegetables, meat, fish, cooked, raw, etc.. it depends on you.
3. Bowls: It is recommended to have microwavable glass bowls. These will be used for containing mixtures.
4. Pots/Pans: Saucepans, Frying pans. Griddle pan and stone pots. If you can buy non stick ones the better.
5. [non-stick] Wok: Used to stir fry food. Useful for quick dishes.
6. Baking and cake tins: Every kicthen should have the basic baking tins so as to be able to bake lasagna, etc.. These are extremely useful and will surely come in handy.
7. Pasty cutters: Just like the baking tins, these cutter can be used in a variety of decorating mean. They can be used to shape mixtures or meat, making a more presentable food.
8. Kitchen Tongs: Used to grab and turn food.
9. Slotted spoon: A big spoon with holes in it. Used for draining food or mixing.
10. Wooden spoons: Long spoon made out of wood. Used to mix food, especially useful for those delicate non stick pans.
11. Ladle: "The big dipper". Used for soups: mixing and serving.
12. Colander: A big strainer. Used to strain pasta, vegetables, meat, etc..
13. Peeler: Used to peel skin easily.
14. Whisks: Used to easily mix and beat mixtures.
15. Kitchen scissors: Used to cut ingredients to the ideal size.
16. Fish slice: A spatula looking tool. Used to flip food.
17. Piping Bag: Used to for decorating icings or stuff ingredients into another ingredient. Example: Turkey with garnish.
18. Measuring Cups/Equipments: USed to properly quantify ingredients. May come in forms of cups, spoons, scales.
19. Serving plates: Used to plate the cooked food. The bigger plates the better as this makes the food look bigger.
20. Grater: Used to grate cheese or vegetables.
21. Zester: Used to properly remove the zest of fruits.

Now that we are all ready with our kitchen utensils. Its now time to explore recipes! Happy exploring.