Monday, August 6, 2012

Sentosa Review: Missing Singaporean Food

Its been a while since my trip to singapore, my friends had the fancy to get some singaporean for lunch. We went to Shangrila Mall to have our movie date and lunch.

Sentosa has several branches all over Manila. I have been to two: Shangrila and Tomas Morato. Both have clean and attentive waiters. The food was fairly okay: its priced just right and jad the singaporean delicacies. Just have the right variety in the menu. Best thing here is that while waiting they give you sugar coated peanuts that are really yummy. We had about 4 small plates. hahaha.

Money saver tip: check the credit card promotions. We managed to get free chicken c/o Citibank with a purchase worth PHP900.

For our lunch, we had 4 main dishes:
1. Nasi Goreng Chicken Satay: PHP 198. Fried rice with chicken on stick. Very filling. I did not even manage to eat it all. :( Taste and serving size was okay.
2. Beef Rendang: PHP330. Beef with coconut extract. Very flavorful and soft. Serving and taste was also average. Best eaten with steamed rice to balance out the taste.
3. Char Kuey Teow: PHP 240. Singaporean flat noodles. Tasty and sweet. Very heavy, can be eaten with just this and a cold dessert afterwards.
4. Singaporean Shrimp Paste Chicken [Free c/o citibank]. Very crispy chicken skin, a fun dish. Really enjoyed this. I ate more chicken than my satay. haha.
5. Chrysanthemum Ice Tea: PHP 85. Balancing beverage to wash off all the flavorful taste of the dishes served.

Try it out and make sure to bring your credit card [Citibank and BDO]. Ask the waiter if necessary, that is what I do every time. Happy Tripping!