Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wabi Sabi review- hidden noodle place

For those foodies out there. looking for something yummy and healthy? Recently I was introduced to this vegetarian place in Malugay, Makati City. Its hidden in such a way that you cannot see it from the main street. It is near the train station in Makati. It is located in a spot of food joints.

Its called WABI SABI. It is well known for its PHO noodles and CRACKLINGS. I had some thai milk tea, cracklings, and QUA PAO for lunch. It was cheap and the great thing was its healthy. The cracklings are great alternatives for chicharon or pig skin. While the qua pao is a great alternative for siopao. I'll defeinitely come back for more!

It has such a unique ambiance that its simple and homey. It has a picture wall of artists.

Try it out! I'm sure you will enjoy it. And for dessert, mochiko is just around the corner. :)