Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AppReviewerPro - try it

Just recently, I have discovered an application that paysyou money when you review certain apps in the appstore. It is called AppreviewerPro. I haveactually spent countless hours searching for the best free paying app and sofar, this AppReviewerPro seems to be the fastest paying one since there arealways upcoming new apps in the market. Everyday you’ll get apps to review andit is actually very simple and easy to. Perfect in making some $$$ during yourbreak.

Things to have:
>Wifi connection
>Of course paypal acount (where you’ll receive your payment)
And you’re good to go.

Bellow are some steps you could follow in usingAppReviewerPro

1. get the app here-
1 (this will be a great help! I get referral credits J )
2. start clicking on apps you’d like to review,you’d then be brought to the app store to download it
3 try out the app (actually, you are not requiredto open the app/game )
4 write a review on the appstore ( never forget toleave a review. You don’t even have to think much about it) –From myexperience, a single sentence will do.

3. Meanwhile, AppreviewerPro besides from reviewing apps, also has quizzes you could try out to get more credits ( this one really requires you to try out and observe the downloaded game/app since there will be questions that when answered correctly, will earn you credits as well.
5 4. you’ll be notified thru email that your reviewwas detected. (means you’re already on your way to earn enough credits to cashin)
When you do reach 500 and up credits, you’d thenbe able to withdraw some cash that will be deposited to your paypal account

500 credits is $5
1000 -$10

this is actually my 3rd time to getpayment from AppReviewerPro. And so far, I have earned $15

I really hope this info helps. Especially tothose financially deprived students like me. Huhu :( Currently, I still have a fewapps at hand that I am trying to make some money from. I will also be posting them soon.
Do you know other apps thatpay (in our region)? Please do share them in the comments and lets help each other out. happy earnings!