Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera is here!! - Manila

Last August 30, 2012, I had the opportunity to watch the Phantom of the Opera's Gala night held at CCP. It was a real treat. It was very different from all the musical plays I have watched before. To properly present myself at the event, I wore a formal dress I have not worn before. I even had my hair done by Blowour Bar. (great job) I was so excited that day that I nearly forgot the tickets. 

The event was graced by many known and influential people, I saw Imelda Marcos with her bodyguards walking past the portrait exhibited on the halls. People were served drinks and snacks as fillers before the show started. Ladies were given big red roses as a token from the "Phantom" or Smart. The whole place was packed! I had to buy binoculars (PHP 300) since I bought the seat on the upper balcony. It was good that I bought them since I saw the details and expressions better.

It was a great show! Worth every peso. Heck I'd watch it again if only I have the cash. It was topped by the renowned chandelier. The Phantom had such a great voice that he truly haunts me even if I'm about to sleep. The Australian cast was superb! The production and stage execution was perfect! I love all the songs and it was all executed perfectly! It was truly a night to remember and I can never forget. I highly encourage you to watch the Phantom of the Opera while they are still here in Manila. This is a very rare opportunity and one you should not miss. Book now since they only have til October 13, 2012.

Tip: Watch or read the plot if you can... this way you can appreciate the story better. There were some parts wherein I had trouble understanding the script since it was sang in opera. 



Phantom in Manila Fans said...

Hi there! If it would interest you, could we invite you to join a petition to bring our Phantom, Jonathan, back in Manila? Thanks so much!