Friday, October 12, 2012

anti-stress candy

I got myself to try some really interesting treat... but it's no ordinary candy and it doesn't come cheap .

It's a "rescue from stress" kinda candy. I noticed this unique candy firstly because of what it said it was supposed to do and it also comes with a funky tin that has an easy press on the lid opening and closing mechanism. and so far, it was the most expensive pastilles i have ever encountered  (P580 from Healthy Options) in my life. they're simply homeopathic pastilles that could help alleviate us from our daily stress. Now, who wouldn't want that? though some scientific research have concluded that  homeopathic remedies are ineffective and implausible. The brand Bach has been known around the world and so...I still gave it a benefit of a doubt and got myself to test its efficacy. after taking one, I dunno, i still can't say the difference. I'll probably try taking another one when I get to be bombarded with too much stress again. But i hope that never happens. well, who am i kidding? stress is unavoidable.

                                       feel like de-stressing for a while
                                       with some suberb beats? tune in to this!