Friday, October 12, 2012

Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy

but before anything else, to make things alot more exciting, whovians be sure to click on the play button! 

+ Brand new. Unopened. Imported from the UK! (smell air of UK when you unwrap your very own Adipose Stress toy! :)
+ Genuine BBC Doctor Who merchandise
+ Liscenced Doctor Who Merchandise 
+ The perfect tool to help you and your inner whovian relax and unwind!
+ Stands 5 inches tall
+ The Adipose will always bounce back to its original shape
When you're stressed, give your Adipose a big squeeze and feel your troubles float away.

what again are these adipose? They appeared in series/season four episode 1 Partners in crime written by Russel T Davies, where the Doctor investigates a strange new weight loss pill which are actually parasitic baby aliens that are grown out of the fat of their human hosts.... GRAB ONE NOW! before they levitate away!! 

here's an adipose stress toy Review video:  :)) 

MEET UPS : TRINOMA, MOnumento Station,Araneta Square, Banawe, SM North, RCBC Makati...
Shipping : I could also ship this ADIPOSE to you. You'll just have to pay extra for the shipping fee :)) 
for more inquiries contact me 

Again as a special BONUS:  get 10% discount when you mention the name of this blog ( LearningtoCompute ) when you order :)) 


I also have TARDIS PENCIL CASES checkem out!  


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