Monday, October 29, 2012

STOP animal "crush" videos

It is really shocking and infuriating that some people are crazy lunatics. To the extent that they make videos of animals being tortured and sell this videos to the even more sick people who pays to watch this kind of of "film". I haven't seen any of these videos but the mere thought of it already makes me sick. I really hope everyone will be able to share this information and in our own little way, help these animals and stop these crazy people. 

Below is a letter I received from PETA Asia and hopefully, we could get more people to react to this horrendous operation. The animals need our help! 

    I am writing to you to give you an update on a groundbreaking case that PETA Asia is working on in the Philippines. As you might remember, Dorma and Vicente Ridon—a couple accused of making graphic "crush" videos of animals being tortured—were arrested at the conclusion of a year-long investigation undertaken by the National Bureau of Investigation and PETA. The Ridons later posted bail.But the trial court in the Philippines has ordered that the accused animal abusers be arrested and put back behind bars. After additional charges were filed by the Department of Justice, the couple is now being held in detention at a provincial jail without bail in connection with the new cases. They have been in jail now for more than three months.In the horrible videos, scantily clad young girls engage in the torture and killing of animals, including skinning a rabbit alive, burning a dog with a clothes iron, and crushing puppies until they vomited their own internal organs. The couple was initially charged with cruelty to animals and child abuse, because the girls were minors when the videos were filmed. The Department of Justice has since added violations of the Wildlife Resources Protection and Conservation Act, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act as well as additional child-abuse violations to the charges.The case also prompted a Philippine senator to submit a resolution to conduct an inquiry into crush videos and a member of the Philippine Congress to file a bill that would prohibit selling, exchanging, or distributing crush videos in the Philippines and selling them to overseas buyers.Right now, Manila is "ground zero" in the international war against the vile crush-video industry. PETA is doing everything we can to ensure that the Ridons are prosecuted vigorously for the pain and misery that they are alleged to have caused. We will continue to work to end cruelty to animals wherever it occurs.PETA can only carry out this work with the support of kind people like you. Thank you!Sincerely,

Jason BakerVice President PETA Asia 
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