Monday, October 29, 2012

Warning! Price Cut Perfumes are the bad steal!

Recently, I went to a well known wedding expo hosted by Themes and Motifs. It was certainly a cool venue for people looking for party ideas, themes, and tokens. Sadly there was this one store that ripped me off. The store did not even give me a receipt, so as to avoid any issues I cannot post their name online. They are selling all kinds of branded perfumes for a low price. They have a lot of genuine perfumes stocked up at the table, they will let you smell the real thing. But once you decided to buy them, they will give you FAKE ones. I did not bother to check the 2 bottles of perfumes that I bought since the sales lady seems nice and I took that the expo was high end. I thought wrong. This specific store does not fit this expo at all, I was terribly disappointed that they were even there. I only noticed that the packaging, bottle, and scent was fake upon arriving home...the prints and stickers were all crooked up, the scent did not last long. It was a big SCAM. I hope this post educates people that these cheap perfumes that we are seeing in wholesale malls and expo's might not be real. 

My word of advice, buy from known retailers or "know your stuff" - ensure that you know your perfume inside and out. Hope this helps you! Have a nice one. 

Their Paper bag


The one on the leftmost is the original bottle (my sister's) and two beside it are the fake ones.