Sunday, November 4, 2012

A sweet proposal to cheer up any day - Merry Moo

There is a sweet limited deal for all Podium go-ers... up until December 2012, Merry Moo will have a booth at the 3rd floor of the Podium Mall. Beside it is a line-up of mini food stalls which too will be there until December 2012.

their cute slogan
So, what makes Merry Moo special worth for a shout out? Two reasons: Sea Salt Caramel and Earl Gray Tea ice cream. These two flavors are really out of this world. The sea salt caramel is the typical sweet yet with the hint of saltiness in taste, and then there is the earl gray tea which has this flowery aftertaste that blows me away. <3 Even their "normal" ice cream tastes creamy, try the dark chocolate flavor.
pints of goodness

all flavors available in podium
You definitely must try these two artisan ice creams. They can be served by cup (one scoop) PHP 75 or by pint PHP 290. Their ingredients are from Laguna and they claim for it to be made fresh daily. (which I can taste from their ice cream :D ) They do have a branch in TechnoHub and Mercato, feel free to check them out. I highly recommend them. 

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Happy tripping!