Monday, December 24, 2012

Anniversary Present Idea

Just recently I celebrated my 5th year partner anniversary. Since it was undeniably a big milestone, I decided to exert extra effort. This year my gift had a theme of ADVENTURE <Anywhere with him is an adventure.> 

Basically my gift comprised of the following elements:
1. 60 Balloons with 60 pictures attached into its strings
2. A picture frame with 3 images. 1 for my message <twist for the typical letter or card>, 2 for an adventure themed photo of us. 3 for the theme title.
3. Mini sweet presents. Gave him 3 rice krispies, since he loves to munch on things. Plus a soft toothbrush to change his old one.
4. * Post its to explain gifts and short reminders.

So here are the things how I made the elements above:
1. For the balloons, I called a local retailer of balloons <Jevon Tan: 09228934393> and asked them to deliver the 60 balloons to my partner's residence. I chose 5 different colors/ 12 balloons to symbolize the 5 years we had. Of course the colors to be chosen should compliment and match the room tone. They were delivered to his house unpumped and was pumped there. All balloons had 2 ribbons as their strings. I then attached a photo to 1 ribbon and used the other ribbon to stick it to the ceiling. It was definitely hard but worth it once you have all of it sticking to the ceiling. You have 2 choices for the balloons, either to get the helium ones <will float but is x9 the price of the regular ones> or the regular ones <cheaper but wont float>.
2. Bought a picture frame with 3 mini frames. Per frame I attached a image or note that was measured corresponding to the size of the frames.
3. For the mini presents, purchased it and arranged it. 
4. Wrote notes so that he can appreciate the elements better.

Hope this helps you relate to your partner how much he/she means to you...cause mine did. :)

60 Balloons = 60 Months