Sunday, December 16, 2012

Corregidor Overnight Trip c/o Sun Cruises

As my post birthday celebration, I spent it with special people on the Corregidor Island. Normally the whole overnight package costs PHP3-4,000, but was able to get it at a discount by purchasing a Deal Grocer voucher. Making it a PHP 2300 per person.

Package includes: 

  • ferry transfers to and from Corregidor
  • lunch buffet for day 1
  • overnight accommodation for 2
  • breakfast for day 2
  • malinta tunnel tour
  • corregidor day tour
  • sunrise and sunset tour
  • 1 hr atv
  • 1 ride zipline

To get to corregidor, there is only 1 fast way. Take a ferry to the island, the whole trip will take about 1 hour. You can board the ferry at the Sun Cruises port near the CCP complex. Seats are pretty uncomfortable but the air conditioning makes it bearable. They also have indoor snack bar to save you from sudden hungry feelings. I see most passengers bringing their own breakfast or lunch so as not to purchase on the island since they are really expensive. Also on board are marines to ensure safety.

Below is the narration of my trip, hope it helps you.

Day 1: 
  • Be at the Sun Cruises Port at 7-730 AM.
  • Board the ferry at 8 AM.
  • Arrive at Corregidor island at 930 AM and proceed with the island tour. See the whole island: canons, cliffs, museums, gardens, and monuments.
  • *Optional: Lights and Sounds Show at the Malinta Tunnel worth PHP 150: personally i do not suggest this as you can see and hear the same story at the Night Lateral tour. But still is an experience. 
  • Arrive at the Corregidor Inn at 1:30 PM. Eat Lunch.
  • Check in time at 2 PM.
  • Free time until 5 PM. You can sleep at your room, do island activities: biking (if you bring your own), beach walking, atv, zipline, swim, or shooting photos. 
  • Sunset tour, hospital viewing and night lateral tour at 5-7 PM. See the sunset. Visit the old hospital used by the americans during the japan war: it was such an interesting, spooky experience as you see the hospital ruins and imagine how people lived there before. Night lateral tour is a whole new experience, walked in total darkness, saw a human bone, heard the history, smelled the insides of a tunnel. Did not see any spectacles but definitely the experience was humbling. 
  • Upon arriving at the hotel, had to purchase dinner at the hotel. You can either buy plated meals (PHP 200-400) or buffet (PHP450).
  • Stay late if you want. Play games inside the hotel.
Day 2:
  • Wake up at 5 AM.
  • Sunrise viewing tour at 6 AM.
  • Hotel Breakfast at 7 AM.
  • Island activities until 12 NN which is the hotel check out time.
  • Lunch at 12 NN. Ate at the hotel restaurant. 
  • Island activities until 230 PM which is the ferry pick up.
  • Bring hats, sunglasses, and sunblock. The sun can be ridiculously intense since there are few trees to shade under.
  • Bring money. You will get hungry and need to buy snacks. You may purchase on the tourist bus as it was said to be cheaper. Bought a mineral water at PHP 20 and a Vcut chip for PHP 40. You may also buy souvenirs at local stores as they are cheaper compared to the hotel souvenir shop. Souvenir shirts range from PHP 200-400.
  • Bring camera. Corregidor has lots of beautiful sites, you need to capture and relive these moments anytime. It will be such a waste not to remember these.
  • Bring swimwear. You may swim at the pool or the beach. Either are great.
  • Have guts. Going here is about extending your horizons. Breathe in the history, the lives of the people, take in nature for its stories. Do not be afraid of ghosts or whatever you may be feeling, you are in a group and experience it at its best. Do not miss out.
  • Bring lots of water and snacks. You can never have too much water. Bring a tumbler and refill it at the hotel if you are saving money. But bring lots of water and snack, since the fatigue and hotness can cause you to get hungry and thirsty easily.
  • What to wear: Since both days require hiking and walking in nature...i suggest wearing closed shoes, lengthy pants and shirts. It is best to be covered to avoid bites, but make sure the material is thin enough to let the air flow. 
  • FYI on the activity pricesReservation required prior to travel date.
    • A. Day Tour Package: Daily. Inclusions: Roundtrip ferry transfers; shrine, entrance and terminal fees; guided island tour and buffet lunch. Day Tour with Buffet Lunch (Adult) - Php2,200.00/person
    • B. Overnight Room Rate (On top of the day tour package). Twin/ Double with Breakfast for two - Php2,000.00. Extra Person with Breakfast - Php750.00
    • C. Corregidor Historical Walking Tour. Inclusions: Roundtrip ferry transfers; shrine, entrance and terminal fees; guided walking tour, packed lunch and tour kit - Php1,688.00/person
    • Optional Activities:
      • Lights and Sound Show at Malinta Tunnel - Php150.00/person
      • The Rocket (Zipline) - Php150.00/person
      • Outdoor Activities - Sunset viewing, Night Lateral, Sunrise Viewing, Easy Hiking - Php250.00/person
      • Kayaking - Php500.00/hr.
      • ATVs (All-terrain vehicle) - Php500.00/hr.


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