Tuesday, December 25, 2012

HongKong Eggettes - No 1 Snack in HK?

Recently went to Robinson's Place Ermita to catch up with HS friends. Passed by the main mall's food court on the 3rd floor, saw this HK Eggettes stall. It claimed to be Hong Kong's No 1 Snack. They have a variety of flavors <Classic PHP 40, Mocha PHP 50, Chocolate PHP 50, Cheese PHP 65, Pork Floss PHP 75>. Basically it tastes like pancake with some saltiness but it is worth the try. It is really cute and you get to pinch the small circles to eat it. I tried the classic since I'm not into the fillings. It was okay and worth the try. Its very easy to carry around and eat. Try it out!

Happy tripping!