Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kickstarter Limited Ed. Quad Lock iPhone4/4s Deluxe Kit

Hello Y'all selling two of my Kickstarter Limited Edition Sets * check my ad at 

only for P2,365.00

 - Exclusive to Kickstarter this limited edition set gives you a Deluxe Quad Lock set in an awesome limited edition Kickstarter Green color. Be the only kid on the block with this awesome limited edition. Only 200 of these beauties were released and sold on kickstarter.
Now, is your great opportunity as I am selling the 2 deluxe sets I have managed to grab from the whole  worldwide mob of iphone mount enthusiasts. YUp, Only 2! so get one or 2 now!! I'm trying to sell these for almost the exact price I got it with plus the shipping fee but I really need some cash right now. so im selling it make everyone happy :))  

What is this cool contraption?
The Quad Lock Deluxe Kit is the lightest and strongest iPhone Bike Mount on the market. The kit supplies everything you need to securely mount your iPhone to your bike, but as this is the deluxe kit it also comes with much more.  Included in the kit are 2 self adhesive wall mounts which can be used to mount your iPhone in the car, home or office.
With your iPhone securely mounted to your bike the power of the iPhone is unleashed while riding.  Navigate to your destination using Google maps or track your speed and distance using apps like Strava, Garmin or Roadbike just to name a few. The iPhone bike mount means you can now even see and screen incoming calls, messages and email while riding and quickly make the decision whether to answer or just keep on peddling. 
The design of the Quad Lock iPhone Bike mount is perfect for not only serious cyclist but commuters too as the iPhone attachment time takes literally seconds just press, twist and your off and cycling. The other advantage is that your iPhone is protected while your not on the by a low profile 100% Polycarbonate hard case.   

The Quad Lock iPhone4/4s Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 1 x Quad Lock Case for iPhone 4/4S (Polycarbonate hardcase ) made from a super tough polycarbonate plastic and is compatible with Apple and other 3rd party accessories. A slim protective case that's perfect for everyday use. The case can mount in both portrait and landscape positions.  
  • 2 x Quad Lock Wall Mounts (3M self adhesive) standard mounting option which can be fixed to any flat surface with either the supplied sticky back adhesive disc or more permanently by using a single fixing screw (not supplied). It allows for both portrait and landscape viewing with a single twist of the wrist. Small, unobtrusive, quick and easy to install. 
  • 1 x Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO  The Quad Lock Pro bar mount utilizes a two stage locking action that can be used to mount your iPhone in environments that require a more secure mounting arrangement such as road cycling, MTB, motorbikes and even ultralight aircraft. The two stage locking system securely locks the case to the mount preventing any accidental release from knocks or bumps. Like the ST mount the Pro mount allows for both portrait and landscape viewing. The design allows the Pro mount to be attached to anything tubular using the supplied o-rings for easy removal or Zip Ties for a more secure set up. The lock is super strong and can support the weight of a road bicycle!
  • Mounting hardware (o-rings and zip ties)
  • Instructions (English)
FREE MEET UPS : TRINOMA, MOnumento Station,Araneta Square, Banawe, SM North, RCBC Makati...
Shipping : I could also ship this to you. You'll just have to pay extra for the shipping fee :)) 
For more inquiries contact me 09228666617 / 09228533349 
and as a special bonus, i'll be giving away a free Tiger tomato-orange clipboard for every order :)) 

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