Friday, December 28, 2012

Office Supplies Provider - Irmax/Hitox Enterprises

Hitox Enterprises <now known as Irmax Enterprises> has evolved over the past 20+ years, we have been serving different retail stores by providing them a wide collection of products ranging from whiteboards, corkboards, clipboards, folders, stands, combination boards, shape rulers, binder clips, end caps, spines, cork sheets, drawing ink, board eraser, board cleaning solution, index tabs, styro cutter, magazine box, and other office supplies. We ensure that in all our products we provide excellent quality and user satisfaction. We are confident that you will love our product and the affordable price we offer. Plus we will deliver the items to you <applicable to metro manila>. Our main specialty is the manufacturing of corkboards, whiteboards, and clipboards. We do customization as needed. Drop us a call for special requests. 

For your current and future office supply needs, consider Irmax/Hitox Enterprises. You may call our head office at 3664821 or 3611680 or 09195063542 for orders/inquiries. 

Here are some of our products:

Binder Clip



Ring Clipboard

Styro cutters


Rory Fugerson said...
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Jeatte Go said...

Hi Rory,

yes, i agree with you. Though sometimes it might seem like everything is digital nowadays. You just can't fully remove these nice things used to organize physical resources.