Wednesday, January 30, 2013

best silvanas in town straight from dumagete city

I have been a Silvanas kid since I was a young girl. I remember my dad bringing home a box of Red Ribbon's silvanas. Little did I know, it was really expensive and unhealthy due to the butter content of it. But it was undeniable that it certainly was a bad food that I enjoy.

Recently, my sister bought home some nicely packaged silvanas from a friend. They are made from Dumagete and distributed to Cash and Carry Makati. So far it is only being distributed at that one branch.

Priced at PHP 300, you get 10 pieces of heaven. It was unlike the usual silvanas I ate which gave me a "hanging" or "bitin" feeling. It was made palm size and sweet enough to satisfy my craving. I loved the fact that its frozen and it gives me that chill when eating. Try it out! I enjoyed my share, hope you will too.