Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Heraderm, also called as “onion cream” is one of the most popular and well used night creams in korea. Its organic, containing allantoin, onion extracts, regestrils, centella asiatica extract, which aids in tissue repair and making it a pretty good post laser cream as well. In fact, it is also utilized as a post plastic surgery cream in korea, aiding the smooth resolution of wounds brought about by the incisions during surgery. They prevent the formation of scars, both superficial and deep. In relation to that, since stretch marks are basically scarring of the dermis (the 2nd layer of the skin), this also helps in the reduction of those unsightly ripped out lines especially when they are still in their reversible (reddish to purplish, not whitish) stage. Plus, it also acts as a powerful moisturizer, thus aid in preventing the formation of facial wrinkles. It greatly enhances the regeneration of the skin. Its generally hypoallergenic and is suited for all skin types.

I would greatly recommend this to anyone who would want to have a smooth and well-hydrated skin as a part of a night time skin regimen. It is also a terrific hydration base for dehydrated or blemished skin, prior to application of BB cream.

If you're interested to try these ones out, let me know.


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