Monday, January 14, 2013

Koori - Japanese Premium Yogurt Creations Review - Robinsons Magnolia

I am an ultimate fan of sour desserts. I am a lover of yogurt - regardless of the form <drinks,candy, or the ice cream>.

Here is where Koori goes into the picture, it has a variety of Yogurt Bars [PHP 70/95 per bar - PHP 400/540 box of 6] and Mochi [PHP85/100 per piece - PHP485/575 box of 6]. It has a small stall at Robinson's Magnolia, with its chic minimalist design..I just could not resist. 

My friends bought some yogurt mochi's - Chocolate [PHP 85] and Strawberry [PHP85] while my partner and I bought some yogurt bars - Mocha Cookie Crumble [PHP95] and Pistachio Green Tea [PHP95]. Besides the lovely packaging, Koori deserts did meet my expectations. Mochi's were soft and sweet/sour  while the yogurt bars were sour and cold. My Pistachio Green Tea did taste like a yogurt bar with lots of crushed pistachio and a hint of green tea. I would have loved it more if the green tea taste was more distinct, the same goes with the Mocha Cookie Crumble which tasted like a yogurt wrapped in sweet chocolate - a more distinct taste of some cookie dough would have been perfect. 

Overall, it was good and it did give us more variety in one store as compared to the usual separate mochi and yogurt place. The staff was nice but could have been more accommodating in terms of telling the ingredients or the best sellers. Price was just right based on the market price of these kinds of desserts. Quality was great - looks and tastes good. Did not feel like my money was wasted. Location was perfect, easily accessible and for on the go customers only.

I do recommend you to check Koori. Get that dessert craving satisfied with this new contender. Happy tripping!