Tuesday, January 15, 2013


When it comes to make up, I lean towards more the natural flawless looking result rather than the high fashion with bold colors look and I tend to prefer Asian make up (Korean and Japanese) because they are made to cater to Asian skin.

Lioele BB cream has 2 basic kinds, Triple Beyond The Solution (SPF 30), Beyond the solution (no SPF). This is great because, for someone who have a rather oily skin like me and who is in her late twenties, using BB cream instead of make-up foundation, not only prevented wrinkles, it also made my skin amazing with a supple glow. It is always important to have 2 kinds of BB creams, first the one with SPF, which I use whenever I go out. Chronic sun exposure brings about a lot of skin problems that only manifest later on, such as age spots, wrinkles, etc… However, I cannot use a BB cream with SPF if I were to go out at night and have photos taken because it would reflect the light off my face and I would look like an “espasol” or “maligno.” Another cool thing about the Lioele line is that they have Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB, which comes in two tones, green and violet. Tinted BB creams are useful if you have reddened or sallow skin. The greenish one neutralizes the reddish and the violet one the sallow. The drawback is that Liole BB creams only comes in one shade that leans quite towards the fair side, and if one’s skin tone is far from it, I won’t advise using it. Another is that, BB creams usually don’t control oil that much and it’s really great that Lioele also have secret pore rich balm. Basically, I apply the balms before the BB cream because it regulates the oil production so that I won’t shine like noonday sun. Plus, it also serves as your primer. I still have to blot occasionally though. And a blotting paper with fine powder on it, like Gatsby does the trick, I don’t have to retouch.
When it comes to concealers, I like those that come in two shades. One that resembles the color of the BB cream I’m using and one more on the salmon colored side because its rather good at hiding dark circles under the eyes. Lioele Luminous 2 in 1 concealer does the trick. Concealers are generally heavier and contains more pigment so its not a good idea to place so much, a little bit would do. And also don’t forget to place a bit on the area between the sides of the nose near the tip. Asians generally have a bit of discoloration there. Then, I proceed with highlighting, Lioele silky highlighter BB touch emphasizes on the bridge of the nose all the way to the tip, the apples of the cheeks, the chin, the brow bone. Highlighting is important because it adds the dewy effect of the over all make up.

For the eye area, I draw a single line using black on the middle of the brow, traversing its entire length with detailed attention to the end. Then, I add brown on both sides, I blend them in, from the area near the nose towards the temples. I then use a tissue to wipe up the smudge and adjust the hue. For the eye liner, I would suggest that one use a pencil first and if one is comfortable enough, the gel or liquid is next in line. I would place the mirror on the table tilting it up and with my neck straight, I gaze down. That way, I can stretch out my lids while keeping my eyes comfortably open. No need to squint. I then top it off with a mascara. My lashes used to be really short and I stated using bimatoprost strictly on the lid lines and they became thick and long. Now, with the aid of eyelash curlers and mascara, they are similar to having permanent eyelash extensions. But take note that bimatoprost is originally an ophthalmic drug for glaucoma, hypertrichosis (or hair growth) is a desired side effect, and I won’t suggest anyone randomly using the drug.

Finally, dust it off with loose powder to set everything into place. The entire thing only lasts from 10-15 minutes.

The important thing to remember when it comes to good skin is not having the right make up alone. A good skin care is also necessary. There are various regimens available to cater to one’s specific skin care problems.

You can check out their website, www.lioeleph.com. If you're interested to try these ones out, let me know.


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