Monday, January 21, 2013

new things at Yabu - review - Robinsons Magnolia

Recently had dinner over at Yabu, Robinsons Magnolia. I was amused to see that they have expanded their menu. It now contains several other dishes, two of the best sellers are featured below. For their other previous best sellers, you may refer to this blog post.


Had the soft shell crab set [PHP 480]. It was 2 small deep fried soft shelled crabs, sided with the usual miso soup + japanese rice + pickles + cabage. The crispness was perfect, it was very crunchy. But taste wise it was not appetizing, had a weird bitter taste and the crab juice was too runny for me. It did exactly taste fresh and I did not enjoy it too much.

Another is the  [PHP 350]. A big slab of katsu made out of minced meat, sided with the usual miso soup + japanese rice + pickles + cabage. It did not taste particularly different with the other katsu that they offer. But it did taste good and crunchy. Should be eaten with the crushed seeds and thick sauce.

Would not be complete without the traditional mortar and pestle with seeds

Overall, I did enjoy the variations I saw in their menu. But hopefully, in the future they can expand their style in cooking as well. My favorite here is still the curry kastu. :)

Happy tripping!


Anonymous said...

This is no longer available in YABU. I wish to have tasted this. :(