Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The best sisig in Makati - Rada St, Makati

The Philippines is well known for its food, and with its amazing creativity you are bound to discover "gems" in different places.

Ever heard of Sisig? Its usually served in sizzling plates, composed of chopped pig parts with egg. Its the best "pulutan" or beer food. I was introduced to the best sisig by one of my officemates last year. I've been meaning to write about this place but I cannot seem to lock down the address of the place. But now I had the chance to take photos to guide you. Hope the photos help.

What makes it yummy? I really cannot say..its a mystery to me. It has this crunch and sweet spicy flavor. But I know there is a lot more to it... since a lot of people walk all the way from their offices to this humble place, I am really confident that this sisig is special. I hope you love it to.

Its located at the Rada Street in front of a 7 eleven joint and near a Korean Market. Its a small "steel" food cart, operated by 3 cooks. It does not look exactly clean but I have not had any stomach issues, so I conclude its pretty safe. They really do not have a place/table to eat at, so what you ordered will be placed in plastic bags. They charge extra for plastic spoons and fork.

1. Sisig/Tapa - PHP 40
2. Longsilog - PHP 35
3. Hotsilog - PHP 38
4. Tapsilog - PHP 50
5. Fishball/ Isaw - PHP 5
6. Kikiam/ Chicken Ball/ Squid Ball - PHP 10
7. Lugaw - PHP 12
8. Karyoka - PHP 10
9. Banana Iced - PHP 15
10. Pancit - PHP 15
11. Spaghetti - PHP 20
12. Egg Mayo Sandwich - PHP 17
13. Hotdog Mayo Sandwich - PHP 25
14. Pepsi Drink - PHP 15
15. Gulaman Drink - PHP 10
16. Mineral Water - PHP 15
17. Tropicana Drink - PHP 15

Enjoy! Happy tripping!


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