Saturday, February 23, 2013

audio : Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

        Just last night, I again scoured over my soundcloud account. And found that at one time,I have recorded myself narrating Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. This is from the book The Happy Prince and the Other Tales. Most of us might not even know these tales or the fact that Oscar Wilde wrote fairy tales. 

        This book is collection of stories for children and this is actually one of my most favored books of all time. In case you missed this from your childhood, don't fret. No one is too old for fairy tales.  
        Feel free to listen to me narrating Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde bellow. Sorry for the bad audio in advance but i hope you enjoyed the story and by chance, got you to read the book. you could also download it free or whatever. comments and suggestions? I will greatly appreciate them ^_^