Monday, February 11, 2013

Don Day: Unlimited Samgyupsal - Malingap St, Quezon City

Craving for some Samgyupsal or pork belly meat? Recently I found a place at 40 Malingap St., Teacher's Vill. East, Quezon City, Metro Manila called Don Day Fresh Korean Restaurant. It has a logo of a pig wearing an apron, you cannot miss its big sign. They have about 5 parking spaces and in case you ran out there are several other places up front you can park to. It is not air-conditioned but they do have several electric fans for ventilation.

So what makes Don Day stand out? UNLIMITED and AFFORDABLE. For just PHP 199 - PHP 300 you can enjoy the following menu:

PHP 199 - Don Day buffet

PHP 299 - Samgyupsal + Don Day buffet

PHP 399 - Beef Brisket + Samgyupsal + Don Day Buffet <*unlimited* beef brisket and samgyupsal meat + cooked food> - This is actually known to be the best dish to order here since the beef brisket is said to be lovely, but sadly to be 'unlimited' you have to at least order 2.

PHP 50 - unlimited ice tea
PHP 45 - softdrinks in can

Given the menu above it does seem like a winner, but caution! Since everything is unlimited, make sure to watch the fats and the excessive eating.

Please refer to the images for the screenshots of Don Day and its offerings. Things that I loved about their cooked food are the radish soup, kimchi, potato rolls. I didn't particularly find their entrée tasteful. Samgyupsal was great, it really was unlimited but my friends and I only ate about 3 servings <'weak' I know>.

I was told that to eat samgyupsal:
1. Grill the samgyupsal meat until cooked brown.
2. Dip the cooked Samgyupsal meat to the seasame oil
3. Wrap the several oiled meat with lettuce leaves and condiments as wanted
4. Dip the whole thing into a seasame paste
5. Swallow whole

The major let down in this meal was that the samgyupsal meat was not marinated and it did taste "distasteful" after a few sets. It would have been yummier if they offered marinated meat.

Anyway, it was still a good experience and I loved the kimchi. I definitely suggest this place for meat lovers but then again please do watch out for the fats.

Happy tripping! Cheers!