Saturday, March 9, 2013

House of Wagyu review - Podium Mall, Ortigas City

I owed you guys this blog post last year when House of Wagyu had a promotion where they sold their Wagyu New York Striploin Grade 8 at 30% off. So anyway, here is my review of their Grade 8 Wagyu steak.

1. Overall: 4 out of 5.The experience was worth the try and is definitely something I would love to repeat as long as I have the money.
2. Food: 4 out of 5. Yummy! The steamed vegetables could have been presented better. Serving size is just for one...but can be shared assuming you eat few.
3. Service: 5 out of 5. Superb.Loved that they knew how to teach us how to cook our steak. Very friendly people.
4. Value for Money: 3.5 out of 5. Not for your average Joe. Their menu price really hits the pocket. 

They are located at 5/F <near the movie ticket counter> The Podium Mall Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. You may call (02) 635-3056 for reservation and special requests. They also have a big place down at Greenhills.
Small but nicely laid out setup.
As you can see from the image above, they don't have that much space in the restaurant. They only have about 10 tables <I think>. But even though its like that, they have great wall decorations and chair pieces. Lighting was great, no too bright. Table utensils were simple, yet functional. They will give you aprons so that when your steak cooks, oil won't stain your shirt.

So as I said earlier, I had the Grade 8 Wagyu steak only. It came with complimentary soup + bread + salad + steamed veggies.

Baked bread
A bit hard to chew but the butter tasted good with this newly baked bread.


Served warm but did not have a distinctive taste. Good for filling up the tummy.

Caesar Salad
As you can see from the photo, its lettuce with dressing. The dressing was good, lettuce leaves was fresh and cripsy. Was yummy but since its only complimentary...serving size was small.

Steamed Vegetables
A very simple dish that it didn't even need a description. But for the benefit of the majority, it is steamed vegetables with mashed potato. Nothing extraordinary about they way they steamed it.

Steak on a Rock
Raw steak seasoned with pepper and salt sitting on a hot rock. It was really amazing to see how the meat was cooked in a few minutes. You just flip it for a few minutes then voila! It is ready to eat. The most amazing thing about this kind of method is that you control how your steak is control the rarity and tenderness of the meat. The wagyu steak was really tender and flavorful. It didnt need any gravy, I was really impressed by this. Way to go for high quality steak!


So, overall... I really love the uniqueness and exquisiteness of the steak. It was really flavorful and tender that I had no problems eating it. Adding a dash of pepper and rock salt every now and then did its magic. Try it! Highly recommended.

Scroll down more to read a very interesting thing I love about this place. ^_^

Below are the menu they offer:
Wagyu Menu

appetizers and salad menu

dessert menu

Seafood and Pasta Menu

PAINFUL BILL! BUT worth the experience.
Amazing thing!!!
Tissue in a tablet?!

How can it be? Its too thin? How do I wipe my hands? It says...Water. Let me try it.
Amazing!!!! Expanded in a few seconds! hahaha
YEY!!! Its big! Magic done!
I am so amazed by this "object" that I even requested another to take home to my sister. :)) I asked them where they bought it and the waiters did not know. I guess... its from Korea since the characters on it is Korean. Will check if I can buy more during my Korea trip. hahaha.

Cheers! Hope you enjoyed reading. Happy tripping!


Anonymous said...

Good review. Really helpful!

ayet said...

haha. I love those tissue tablet things that you add water with and they expand. it is like magic. Kids will also really enjoy this one and keep themselves clean. Portable too, they can bring it to school, travel. Do you know where to buy this??