Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chuck's Deli Review - Serendra branch

People nowadays are always on the go and food establishments have tried to respond to this behavior by creating these chain of sandwich or grab-and-go stores. These places are a blessing, since they save you a lot of waiting time. But then again you somehow sacrifice speed with experiencing your food.

So recently I went to Chuck's Deli Serendra to see what my sister has been raving about. I was enticed by their lovely red doors <as my favorite color is red>, it certainly got me curious as to what is inside. They have two branches here in the Philippines: G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City <576-4210 / 846-1734> and G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, QC <900-0503 / 451-1163>. For more information you can check out their twitter page.

It was my first time at Chuck's Deli but I already had good feelings about... my sister loved their Eastwood branch. 

Front Doors
Upon entering their store, I was welcomed into my seat at the center and saw a very interesting decor. They had several posters of their sandwiches, lot of chalkboards, and a cute wall clock.

So what makes Chuck's Deli different? They say that they serve with the intent "to create unforgettable, fully satisfying experiences". Now that is something that made my curiousity spike more. So what makes their sandwich different from the rest... <I'll discuss it as I go along>

Like other sandwich places, they have a hall of fame that marks the champions who have overcame their challenges. They have several sandwich challenges that not only fills the stomach but also your bragging rights. Just recently they released this new MONSTERCHUCKER Challenge that hasn't been conquered yet. Do you dare?

So you can prepare!
Parts of a Mother Chucker
As mentioned they have several challenges and of course it comes with "loot". Successful conquers get a variety of prizes <shirts, GCs, and free meal>. The image below shows their all classic Chuck's Challenge, that asks the challenger to eat a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich in just 5 minutes. And this is not easy. Their sandwiches are really big and that is what makes them famous. You definitely get your money's worth with them. Also if you look at the right side, they have this amazing promotion that I love. Bottomless tea slush for just PHP 125! That is surely something great for this hot weather.

Their menu. Its shows the different slabwiches that they serve and its size is just huge. Its size is about from my pinky to my other pinky with my thumbs touching each other. hahaha. They have a lot of variety, they have duck, pork, beef, and even all vegies. Average price is PHP 200 - PHP 600 depending on the meat and size. The amazing thing here is that they make their own breads.

Besides sandwiches, they also have salads, sides, soups, and paninies! 

Besides their awesome sandwiches, they also have subs, pastas and all classic burgers. 

But that is not what I came for. I was looking for something that matched my busy schedule yet demanding appetite. So when I saw the Lunch Bag promotion that they have, I said to myself.. This works. So it comes with a quarter slab of your chosen slabwich and side order <chips/salad/soup> and drink only for at least PHP 199+ depending on the picked side. 

But for picky eaters like me, you can also go for the classic slabwich served 1/4 of its original size; and probably just add their different sides.

This is something I liked. All tables have hand sanitizers. I think this is very important since eating a sandwich or a burger can only be truly enjoyed with the use of fingers. Its even better with clean fingers.

These are their well known fries and dips. I truly enjoyed the spicy garlic sauce and the smiley fries since they are fun to eat. A serving of fries on the average cost PHP 85.

Buffy balls PHP 245. Basically its their famous buffy meat made into a ball and placed on a stick. Its very meaty in taste and shockingly filling.

So! This is what I ate. I went for the PHP 299 lunch bag but changed my slush for a oreo milkshake for an additional cost. I went for the tomato basil soup <which i loved since its tomato base and also the flavor is just right > + waki salad <another term for crab sticks, it was okay> + The Buffy <spicy! but it came out that the spiciness tend to overwhelm the taste of the actual meat>. Overall, it was a filling meal that I had to take home some and eat the rest the next day. 

Yummy shakes!

The Buffy at close up

A&W rootbeer float! I miss this
The Mother Chucker! It looks tiny but its NOT! The bread is thick.

There you go! As you have seen, Chuck's Deli is definitely a choice for fast paced, low paced, picky, non picky, adventurous people. It is a store that is filled with lots of variety and service that is homey. It was definitely a good experience and one I would like to enjoy with family or friends the next time around. Cheers! Happy tripping.


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Nice to have met you at the Chuck's deli event! Hope to see more of you in the coming bloggers' meet. -JOY of

Jeatte Go said...

Nice to have met you Joy. :) see you around!