Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iscreamist Review - Quezon City - What Chemists eat

Science has always been fascinating as it gives us wonder and amusement -  like magic. But when you add it with formulas and numbers, it just seems burdensome. So here is a place that can rekindle that awe. Just recently I dropped by an ice cream lab. Imagine: science + ice cream = AWESOME.

They call themselves ISCREAMIST, located at 46 D Magiting Street, Teacher's Village, East Diliman, 1101 Diliman District, Quezon City, Philippines. They are open everyday from 3-11PM, but only for reservations during sundays. They only have 1 small parking space, but nearby you can park at streets or establishments. Parking is tough here. Their store is really small and can only fit about 5 groups inside and 5 groups outside <no aircondition>. You have to enter their store from the left side not on the store entrance. 

Drive slowly once you see the store Eng Ho

Some reminders before consuming or playing with liquid nitrogen.
Yes. Liquid nitrogen is not a toy, it can be harmful but can be eaten.

Menu chalkboard
They made their own chart of the cream-elements. Prices for each are written on the upper right and a simple legend is written on top to guide the consumer on the type of ice cream. The best seller and ultimate experience if S <s'more PHP 55>, what makes this special is the fact that its "DRAGON's BREATH"...and by being one, it is submerged in liquid nitrogen and can make you experience breathing out "smoke" due to the chemical.

But sadly, when I came here... they ran out of dragon's breath so I had to amaze myself with their gourmet ice cream.

Utensils used
Pan used to toast and cook stuff
I ordered TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS <PHP 138 small and PHP 148 large; 3 scoops>. The chef torched some marshmallows. She segregated them into 2 groups, one for the "solution" and the other for the ice cream topper. She placed the toasted mallows in a shaker can and mixed them thoroughly. Then she went to another room to complete the solution.

Notice the man on the right.
He is actually extracting the liquid nitrogen from the tank and placing it in a thermos can.

Mixing everything together

The lady came back and puts the "solution" in a mixing bowl. She then pours the liquid nitrogen over the solution and mixes them thoroughly.

Adding and mixing for 3 cycles

Added Himalayan Pink Salt
This is actually the winning piece. She added a dash of salt into the ice cream batter for some saltiness. It was lovely. She mixed it again before serving it.

Final product
There you go! The solution now solidified with the help of the liquid nitrogen. She now places them in a cup and does placing.

Toasted Marshmallows Ice Cream <PHP 148>
 Now this is what chemists' and normal people eat for fun. :) It was really yummy and the size was big enough for sharing. I definitely recommend this for all ages. 
1. Overall: AWESOME. 5 out of 5. Loved the whole experience. Minus the place being crowded.
2. Food: 5 out of 5. Yummy. Tasted like a real gourmet ice cream. The added perk about this one is that you see how its made and appreciate it more.
3. Service: 5 out of 5. Fast and nothing more to ask from a small place. Just a note, the place ambiance is not that welcoming.
4. Value for Money: 5 out out of 5. Awesome pricing. Good serving size. But i suggest going for the large serving since you only need to add PHP 10.
That is it! Hope this helps you! Cheers and happy tripping!


controversialcomments said...

Wow, I wanna try here soon.

ayet said...

I remember being so amazed as the smoke from the ice cream blew onto our table. it was so cool. Felt like a kid again. If only I have the equipments needed. I'll make these delightful treats for my every day dessert!