Monday, July 1, 2013

QT - Living for God

Just recently had a discussion with one of the ladies in CCF. She reminded me what I lack in my life, FOCUS. But its not just any type of focus...its focusing on the right things and not negativeness. That is what I have been desiring and wanting to earn back, my heart and love for God. I was reminded on how weak and fragile the human mind is, how I have been influenced by my society that life is about YOLO or doing the things that will make you "happy" now. For the past few years, I have drifted farther and farther away from Him. I thought I have been more independent of how I did things, demanded more things, achieved more things...but all of these are just within the standards of society. I know that if I am to be judged according to God's standards, I have achieved nothing. I am truly grateful that I am given the chance to turn back to Him and not fully drift away in the goals of men. I hope and pray that I can continue walking in His graciousness, please pray for me that I do not get unfocussed as how I usually do.

As I have been reading the book of Romans, today it hit on Romans 12:1. A phrase "offer up your bodies to him while you are still alive." It is amazing that I am still alive when I read this, I still have a chance to change and get back on the race. It says here that we should offer our lives as holy scarifies, makes me wonder how I have pleased God lately. I think I haven't in a while.. I have been too rebellious, too impulsive, too emotional. I have definitely displeased Him. Then the verse continues on saying that I should not live the way the "world" lives, that my thinking should be different and that will be the time that I will be able to see and experience what God wanted me to do in the first place. People might say, how will I know if I am on the right path? I will not, in fact I am sure I will stumble every now and then. I might lose hope, lose belief as I cannot see this God or His plans. But the good thing here is that there is always prayer and the communication line to God is always open. I can always be assured that there is a God who will listen and guide me when I need it. Blind faith but with heart. I believe this is all I need to be able to reach that goal where I will be able to say I have pleased God in someway...I want to be able to reach that state of absolute joy wherein no amount of material torment can distract me of what's truly important. 

No skill or achievement would have existed apart from God's grace. I have been constantly proud about the things I have done and still to be done. I am reminded that I am nothing apart from Him. I have no right to think I am better than anyone else. We are all made equals and I should do my best to help my fellowmen be the best they can be. We all have roles to play, though I am unaware of what my role is at God's masterplan. I just have to believe and do what feels to be aligned to Him. I should no longer act or think in an "eye for an eye" perspective, it should be that of God's teachings. Farfetched and quite impossible, how exactly can you put everyone else before your own...and in this world, being like this will surely handicap you. But that is the challenge: Put others above you. 

I really pray that we can all walk in the spirit and love for God. "Ask/Seek and it will be given." May we all find that reason we have for living in this world and may peace follow our way. Cheers!