Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Silom Thai Cooking School - Something to do in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand has been one of my most favorite destinations to relax. I love the activities in Bangkok: shop and massage and eating Thai food! I just love Thai food since its very tasty + colorful + spicy. So I looked for a good cooking school in Bangkok that will allow me to learn just about their awesome food. Booked with Hotels2Thailand and decided to go with Silom Thai Cooking School's 3 hour <9-12nn> cooking class. Amazingly I just spent about PHP 1500 for it, and this is truly the best PHP1500 I spent in Thailand. Cooked 5 dishes! I was told by the school's admin that I should have booked with them directly since its basically the same price. But anyway, let me share to you this journey of mine.

Apologies if I wont be discussing in detail how to make the dishes. It is all in the recipe book, if you are interested...send me a note, I'll gladly share them with you. This article is more to show you how awesome it is to take cooking classes!

Looking for signs as we passed by side mini streets
Took a Tuktuk from Hotel De Bangkok to Silom Soi 11. Then saw the school's admin "Mai" waiting for me. Sadly I was late, my class went ahead to the market and I was left to wait in class for them to come back. Mai was kind enough to walk us through the side streets since it was a lot of "turning".

After a 3 minutes of walking, I saw the sign!

Silom Thai Cooking School Sign

School Facilities
Upon getting to class, I was told to put my stuff at the locker <cute cat key!> and wash my hands. I took my time reading the "Very Thai" book while waiting for my classmates to come. The room was very homey and it smelled good with the incense. Outside the classroom/waiting area, every student will be allocated with one cooking stove. It has a cute hat cover. After a few more minutes, my classmates and teacher Ms. Goong came in. Before starting the class, Mai came in and gave us class rules. Basically, it was "Don't worry. Be happy." Then off we were to our "cooking laboratory."

We were a class of 8 people from different countries. I was from the Philippines, one was from taiwan, another was from Korea, 3 from Hong Kong, and 2 from Germany. It was awesome! So we were divided into teams. Some were asked to peel off the skin of the shrimps, others to chop the vegetables, while some <like me> were tasked to clean the vegetables and eggs. End result: we have a full basket of clean ingredients to work with.

Preparing the tamarind paste
Korean Guy, Bill, was asked to squeeze the life out of a sour tamarind to make a paste. We were also taught of the difference between a sweet and a sour tamarind. One is for eating while the other is for cooking. If you do not have a tamarind, you can also use rice vinegar as a substitute for the paste.

PAD THAI Essentials
Here are the essential things you need to make a PAD THAI dish. You can see a red bowl with several small jars right? Each jar corresponds to a main ingredient. Basically they are: tamarind paste, fish sauce, chilli, roasted peanut, picked radish, palm sugar. Other were egg, ginger, and tofu.

Added all the 6 pastes mentioned above and added agg with the rice noodle. Stir and voila! Yummy Pad Thai. <3

Making the Spring Roll Vegetable
Next we were taught to make coconut milk and cream. She showed us the traditional way of making it <upper left> or we can always buy those in can. We then proceeded with squeezing freshly made coconut milk, chopped some vegetables, and made the chili paste for the spring roll. Upon everything has been prepared, we fried the vegetable to be made into the contents of the spring roll.

Spring Roll
We were taught how to roll the spring rolls. Get the cooked vegetable and place it on the paper for rolling. Then deep fry!

Thai Salad
Basically this was all about learning how to grind the necessary ingredients to be made into the sauce of the salad. She used the red jar on the upper right as her "mortar and pestle". She said that its the way to know if a person will be a good wife, if she can handle the tool properly then she will be. haha. So lot of chopping and mixing... then tada! Salad!

Curry Time!
I made the yummiest curry ever! Basically chopped vegetables and mixed all the ingredients on the upper left together to make the mixture on the upper right. It was yummy!

For dessert, we deep fried some banana and served it with ice cream. It was heavenly. Ate a whole lot and took my lovely pictures as memories of this awesome day! Barely felt that time flew so fast.

My awesome classmates!

Basic ingredients!

Complementary cooking book - it has everything!

So that is it! Hope you had a view of what it was like. I do encourage you to experience it as well. I will definitely take another class when I come back to Bangkok. Happy tripping! :)