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Home Barista Class by Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy, Inc.

My saturday morning 11/16/2013 almost started out perfectly, I have a Home Barista Class scheduled at 8-12NN. But sadly due to my poor scheduling skills I did not have enough time to prepare breakfast and eat. So I went to a coffee making class all empty stomach. I was lucky to get a discounted deal grocer voucher for this Home Barista class, what was usually priced at PHP 3500 I was able to get it at PHP 1000. This class was taught by barista professionals at Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy, Inc. (PBCA) located at Unit 1803 Atlanta Centre 31 Annapolis Street, Greenhills San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. You can also contact them directly at (02) 570.7649 and Their home page is at The academy was quite easy to look for since you just have to look for Atlanta Centre and surrender a card to the guard receptionist. So anyway I arrived early and with that I was able to take a lot of photos and relax a bit. They have free wifi at the classroom. 

PBCA logo - classroom/laboratory setup
The class started with Ms. Susan, school director, discussing the history, types of beans, processing methods, serving methods, and types of coffee to us via a powerpoint presentation. She was really knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. It was a great lecture, I learned a lot about the history and technicalities of coffee. WHO KNEW?! The class was very informative and involved hands on too. After the discussion, Mr. Dexter, a great barista instructor demonstrated to us how to make the 3 coffee namely Espresso, Cappuccino, and Cafe Latte using the Industrial Coffee Machine, Automatic Coffee Machine, and Manual Coffee Machine. It was interesting that all 3 machines produce different tastes compared to each other. The best one was the Industrial Coffee Machine which can be used simultaneously by 2 baristas, while the Automatic was usable in just a press of a button and the Manual was like an industrial Coffee Machine but cheaper and perfect for the house. Afterwards, we had about an hour to try making our own coffee. We used the coffee machines and had an experience to make coffee using the Manual Coffee Machine.

I do not want to bore you with the technical stuff that I learned. But just to impart some coffee knowledge to you, here are some of the amazing things I have learned:
  1. Cup of Joe = Cup of Coffee
  2. Barista is italian for bartender who has the passion for quality coffee.
  3. We are currently on wave 3 which is the "back to basics" time wherein people are moving towards quality and conscientious consumption. Ends users are also going directly to farmers for their own beans.
  4. Coffee boom began 1990 in the US. Philippines used to be part of the top exporters of coffee beans.
  5. Any coffee bean with a grade of 85% and up is considered SPECIALTY.
  6. Blending is the action of mixing different types of coffee together.
  7. "Single Origin" means coming from 1 coffee growing region. Known to be tastier and better.
  8. Alternative methods of making coffee is now being revived.
  9. Coffee was believed to be discovered by a goat herd.
  10. There are many different types of coffee beans, some are: Arabica (complex taste, premium, grown in high elevated areas) and Robusta (instant coffee, more caffeine content than arabica).
  11. The most expensive coffee is the Black Ivory Coffee which came from elephant poo. Bangkok.
  12. Biggest coffee producers: Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, and India.
  13. Peaberry.
  14. Picking beans can either be done manually or mechanically. Processing of beans can either be the dry or wet method. Wet (remove seed and soak in the sun) has a fruiter cleaner taste while dry (sun soaked bean) has a sweeter taste.
  15.  Cappuccino must be complete with a crema ring, good foam 1 cm, and microfoam bubbles. It can be drinked in an instant and no need for sweeteners.
  16. Swirl the coffee before drinking, like wine. Slurp as its needed to properly smell the coffee.
  17. Coffee shops should have 3 rags: steam/milk, counterpart, port of filter.
  18. Stir coffee only if there are flavors or textures to be mixed.
  19. Clean the port of filter using warm water.
  20. Always throw the 1st shot to rinse of the detergent of the last day. Aka seasoning shot.
  21. Lighter roast beans are more acidic than darker roast.
  22. Serve espresso with the cup plus a glass of water.
  23. 3 parts of a good espresso:
    1. Solution
    2. Suspension
    3. Emulsion/Crema
  24. Factors that affect espresso:
    1. Doze
    2. Tamp
    3. Grind
  25. Cool coffee manners:
    1. Saudi Arabia - very particular in preparing coffee
    2. Mexico - coffee cup is very important
    3. Ethiopia - make coffee like popcorn
    4. Philippines - pours coffee over rice
Demonstration and Student Hands On
Coffee Art by Dexter
More Coffee Art
My personal creation: Espresso + Milk + Ice + Chocolate Syrup + Sea Salt Syrup
Coffee Creations During Class
Ms Susan
Dexter + Susan + Jeatte + Esme
They also have a series of other classes/trainings being taught. These are targeted for individuals who love coffee, for barista professionals, or even for coffee business owners. Their complete list can be found at All classes are inclusive of the notes and materials used. For easy reference, here is a list:
  1. Barista 101. PHP 10,000. 5 days. Designed for anyone who is interested in Barista training and does not have prior background.
  2. Barista 102. PHP 10,000. 5 days. Next course after passing Barista 101. Barista 102 is Advanced Barista Training concentrated on latte art. 
  3. Barista 1 and 2. PHP 18000. 10 days.
  4. Coffee Business Manangement. PHP 5000. 2 days. A complete educational and training experience, designed for those keen to learn on how to start a coffee shop, or anyone who will own and/or operate a coffee business. This course offers a full day of business consultation, from staffing issues to development or review of your business plan and concept inventory, control and methods of marketing.
  5. Cafe Menu Development and Management. PHP 3,500. 1 day. Lecture-demonstration and workshop session on developing a café beverage menu. Focus will be on beverage management from developing the recipe, food costing, and cost controls with the end objective of establishing suggested price for selling. The program will cover basic espresso beverages (hot, iced, blended) and non-coffee beverages (tea, hot chocolate, milk shakes).
  6. Cafe Marketing. PHP 3,500. 1 day. Teaches the cafe entrepreneur insight into the realities of operating a neighbourhood cafe in a saturated hospitality industry.  Actual business experience, matched with the principles of marketing, will equip the participant with ideas on how to produce an innovative promotional mix on a shoestring budget.  The final output is a simple yet feasible marketing plan, which will ensure that each differentiated cafe enterprise will consistently deliver an enjoyable experience, appropriate to its customers’ varying levels of satisfaction.
  7. Latte 101. PHP 3,000. 4 Hours. A coffee class that will make students understand free pour latte art and latte etching. 
  8. Cocktails 101. PHP 2,200. 4 Hours. Teachning the Fundamental knowledge on mixing standard cocktail drinks with an understanding of the bar set-up, bar tools and equipment, glasses, liqueurs and spirits.
  9. Beyond Coffee. PHP 3,000. 4 Hours. Exploration of new and delightful drinks to complement the flavors of classic and gourmet food. Find interesting matches of various beverage concoctions (tea, coffee, cocktails, mocktails) in harmony with entrees, salads, sandwiches and desserts.
Check their website or facebook page for more info. I honestly was amazed that I had fun since I never drank or appreciated coffee much deeper than just a beverage. But after this, my eyes were opened and I cannot wait to share what I have learned to people...and perhaps create coffee creations too. haha. Happy tripping!


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To be honest, you really did a great job in writing this article. I'm so happy to read this. It's fun and quite interesting. Thanks to this I come up with some ideas.

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Thanks Miele! Glad to hear that. :) looking forward to hearing new creations from you.

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