Monday, November 25, 2013

Tiño: First-class bespoke suits & formal wear for all ages

Disclaimer: Photos are retrieved from Tiñ's facebook page.

Last November 16, 2013, I had a chance to meet the daughter of the Master Tailor of Tiño (Ms. Eilene Balagon). She was certainly a passionate entrepreneur with artful taste. With my brief chat with her she was able to instill in me the importance of getting that perfect suit and it can only be achieved by a very precise and customized work: Bespoke. She mentioned the Legacy and Tino's history. She talked about her father <the Master Tailor> and the rarity of his father's specialization here in Manila. In fact, her father is the only Master Tailor here to date. She was also a great model, she shared to me as well that Tiño has this idea to get fashion students trained under her father's wings so that the specialization skills can be passed on. It is truly amazing that there is this passion for the arts and to help others. Personally more than the item being sold, the "owner" is important to me. As I truly believe that the master impacts the output, like the tailor sows the clothes. If there is heart put into it, then it feels much fulfilling. 

The Cashmere Tuxedo

So now, going to the technicalities. Tiño headed by the Master Tailor is all about creating first class bespoke suits and formal wear. They cater to both men and women of different ages. The reason behind which can be derived from the meaning of the term "bespoke" or "speak for something". Tiño believes that the clothing worn by someone is a statement, with has to be personalized and custom to a person. Each person is different: physically due to birth or lifestyle but most importantly personal taste. Each one of us has this unique structure and identity that cannot be easily recognized by the the ready-to-wear (RTW) or the made-to-measure clothes readily available in the market. Tiño's bespoke outfits are specifically drawn, cut, sown to perfectly suit a person's whole self. The Master Tailor works personally with a client from the conceptualization to the delivery, all client notes are taken note of and will be materialized. This level of expertise comes with a price, bespoke outfits do cost more than the average suits. Luckily Tiño's charge at a very cost effective point, for ladies suit + pants they start at PHP18K. It certainly got me very interested. You might just see me one of these days with a Tiño white/red suit. :D

Holland & Sherry Cotton Classics
For more information and to contact Tiño, check out their Facebook page.

PS: As a woman working for a small/big/national/international company, it is very important we dress to impress. As much as we would like the world not to judge us by how we dress, it does. Take it from me personally, no matter how strong my "drive" is...I need it to reflect externally too. My wardrobe certainly needs a level up. I always seem too young or too disorganized, certainly not someone who appears to be good at management. I will certainly start readjusting my wardrobe as soon as I get that promotion. hahaha. Happy tripping.


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Thank you Thedarzi for the praise.I checked out your company profile and its amazing what you have achieved. More power to you and keep creating those masterpieces. ^_^

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