Thursday, January 2, 2014

Change your body posture to change your behavior

This is one of the best videos I have watched in TED. It talks about how certain postures can "wire" our brain into thinking that it is how we want it to be. Amy Cuddy gave a very simple yet concise talk on the different postures that we commonly do and its outcome or message to our brain. We then behave the way our brain tells us to. Her group did a lot of case studies and sampling, all of which came out with the conclusion that OUR POSES does INDEED AFFECT HOW WE PERCEIVE OURSELVES, which in turn AFFECT HOW WE BEHAVE WITH OTHERS. She gave a lot of golden nuggets some of which are:

1. Our bodies change our minds. Our minds change our behavior. Our behavior changes our outcome. - The POWER POSES can change our brain wiring and that will change how we see ourselves, thus ultimately since we change a different way...the outcome to which we applied the change to CHANGES completely.
2. Fake it until you become it. - You can actually remold your character until you become what you aim to be, just keep doing it until it becomes natural to you. 
3. Take 2 mins to do the POWER POSES shown on the video, and it will radically change how you perceive yourself. A simple one is to do the "WONDERWOMAN" pose when you can.

Watch this video and I am sure it will change your life. Cheers!