Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Be Me - Making A Lamp

Last December 7, 2013, my friend and I decided to try something new. I have always been fascinated in making or building stuff. For me it was such a thrill understanding how the bits and pieces work and how they come together as one piece. Part of my interests or plans is to actually learn how to do CARPENTRY. Some people learn it through Home Economics subject in school while others really study it for profession. Sadly I was not able to do do any, the closest thing I was able to do was a small stool that I painted and decorated. The wood parts were already cut and a helper hammered all the pieces together. So I went on with my life not really experiencing first hand how "building" felt. Then a few years back, I started to appreciate design and woodworks, saw how expensive they are and decided I wanted to create my own "furniture" someday. No opportunity, tools, or space to do it. Then I saw a "craft" promotion of Be Me from Deal Grocer and bought it.

BE ME have different packages and prices: Crafts, Woodworks, Gifts, and Party. Average price is PHP 1000 per session.
Depending on the "craft:" you want to build, it will correspond to a number of sessions/hours.Usually they divide it into 1 hour each, so if its 2 hours... its considered 2 sessions. There are different difficulty levels and people of different ages will be sure to enjoy this. They have all the tools appropriate for different ages, we even saw small hammers which were too cute to ignore.
BE ME are currently located at Sofitel and Manila Polo Club, just look for GYMBOREE. Its best to call and tell them what you want to build so that you can be sure that all "parts" needed to build your item is present. Cause they will prepare it. 

Do woodwork - PHP 1000 per 1 hour session
Make Crafts - PHP 1000 1 hour session
Make Gifts - PHP 1000 per 1 hour session
Party Packages - 890-950-1000 per head
So for us, we decided to make a table lamp. What made it really cool was we did it from start to end. The administrator started by drawing some measurements on a "plywood", then he asked us to cut it using a saw. We initially had a hard time since we did not know how to use the saw properly, apparently you have to slant the saw and cut like that. Then we "made smooth" the edges by using sand paper. Then the administrator took some ready made wood blocks and asked us to round some of the corners using a sand paper. We the proceeded to glue the lamp head, we used wood glue. Then proceeded to but holes on the wood blocks by using a "gun", it was exciting to use it since it was scary. We got some nails and hammer, secured the corners with nails and assembled them together. Electrical is next. Took some light bulb, holder, cable and switch. The administrator prepared the cable and asked us to position the cables: negative and positive. It was surprisingly simple. Then before we know it. Everything was assembled and we just had to put some "butterfly screws" on the body so that it can turn. Voila! Our very own wooden lamp, made by yours truly. Overall it took us a little over 2 hours, the administrator was helping us at the later part of the class since were were taking too long. haha.
We surely enjoyed this activity <learned a lot in the process> and will certainly come back to bring friends or siblings along. Luckily, they have packages too which will allow clients to hold parties or even get a "lesson" package for their kids. Try it out! As they say, "Experience is the best teacher." I can now confidently say, I was able to build something. Happy making!


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