Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chef's Table Review - Bonifacio Global City Taguig

Ate at Chef Bruce Lim's Chef's Table for lunch. Its conveniently located at Unit 106 Infinity Tower 26th Street Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig. They operate everyday from Monday to Sunday 11-2 PM and 6-10 PM. The place was simple but I really loved wooden accents in his furnishings. Another great thing that stuck with me about this restaurant was the creativity of the menu. Drop by and you will see what I mean. #suspense

Chef Bruce Lim working in the kitchen
Luckily, he was there so we were able to take a photo with him. I was curious on how he was as a person since he was featured in media quite a bit during that time...I am happy to say that he was very polite, down to earth and most importantly, he looks very competent in the kitchen. Glad to have a photo with him as a souvenir. ^_^

With Chef Bruce Lim
Anyway for what we ate, we had soup, salad, fish as the entree, and dessert to finish. We started with a very refreshing drink that was perfect for the hot weather.

Chef's Iced Tea
Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup - PHP 210
This is a rich roasted tomato puree with clams steamed in lambanog. This is very good and warm to the stomach. I enjoyed every spoonful of it.

Chef's Salad - PHP 260
The typical salad consisting of mixed greens, seasonal fruits, boiled egg, egmont cheese, and some roasted garlic calamansi vinaigrette. Liked the how the flavors complimented but it really did not leave much of an unique impression besides the cheese.

Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti - PHP 210
This is spaghetti with tuyo oil, tuyo flakes and calamansi juice, topped with a fried tuyo and some queso de bola. Quite plain for me, the tuyo taste really stood out in this dish.

Chill A Fino - 550
This is a steamed lapu lapu fish with a ube mash topped with pechay. Its very simplistic but taste was clean and very refreshing.

Buko Pie Martini - PHP150
To end it, the classical buko pie presented in a martini glass. It cannot be more sophisticated in look. Really enjoyed the taste and presentation. 

Chef Bruce is definitely an artist. From the looks of his area to the naming and execution of his dishes, I can say that Chef's Table is an appropriate name for it. As "chef's table" mean a table located in the kitchen that is used by VIPs of the restaurant. Its not the table being physically inside the kitchen but its more of the treatment and execution of the dishes served to its patrons. I really loved the creativity of the place and I do look forward to seeing more amazing dishes from this artist. Happy tripping!