Saturday, May 10, 2014

Izumi Curry Review - Podium Mall

Curry. One of my most sought out dishes when I go out. I have tired several kinds of curry dishes from different restaurants from different countries. To date, the best curry I have had is the MEGABEEF STEAK CURRY from Izumi Curry. It only deserves all caps since it is big and it is amazing!!! Just to tell you how addicted I am to this dish, just the thought of it makes me hungry and crave for it so much so that I go there within the week I am craving it. hahaha.

Curry has many know is a very popular dish in Japan, beside Ramen. Japanese people usually eat curry with rice, also known as kare raisu. They treat it like a staple food such that they it eat 78 times a year according to wikipedia. It is less spicy and thicker sauce compared to the Indian curries and it also smells different. I am actually excited for my Japan trip and will try out more curry restaurants.

Me and my favorite curry!! Its massive!
Going back to Izumi Curry, it is actually a franchise by 2 Nakano brothers from Osaka. They actually started out in a small curry restaurant (typical amazing Japanese restaurant) and gained massive following that they decided to go for a franchise since they have a great product. The Izumi Curry franchise here in Manila is owned by the Shewani Group of Companies. Izumi Curry has 5 basic principles in all their dishes (which I love them for): No MSG, large servings, creative toppings (as applicable), combination of spicy and fruit taste, and to promote Izumi Curry all over the world. Izumi Curry has a very rich taste which resounds what it stands for, with its very intensive cooking preparations of 7 hours just for the curry its usage of the high grade US beef and pork meat. You cannot feel "short" if you eat here.

Currently Izumi Curry has a branch at 5th floor Podium Mall, Ortigas Center. They are open from everyday from 11 AM to 10 PM. They are very easy to spot with its big signage and enticing window display of food samples. You can also check out their facebook page for updates. They have a lot of food dishes ranging from the grilled foods, salad, desserts, katsu, donburi, soup and curry. I will not be highlighting anything else besides the megabeef since all my visits here had been about the megabeef. I am loyal that way. haha. But Izumi Curry has 2 super stars: Megabeef Steak Curry PHP 320 (popular in Japan) and Pork Katsu Curry with Egg PHP290+50 (popular in Hong Kong). The Megabeef Steak Curry is a hamburger steak served over warm Japanese rice topped with lots of curry sauce, melted cheese and parsley. Whereas the Pork Katsu Curry is breaded pork served over Japanese rice topped with curry sauce. I prefer MEGABEEF.

So why do I love Megabeef Steak Curry as much as I do? Just check out the image below:

It comes in a very big serving that will leave you full for the whole day. The combination of the non spicy curry with the cheese is heavenly. Taste overload. The curry in itself is soooo rich in flavor that you will need a lot of water just to clean your palate. If you are a fan of very tasteful + warm + fit for price food. Then look no further. This is really the best curry in Manila. I personally add some Japanese spice since I like my food spicy.

Location: Convenient since its at a mall. Parking and several activities to do after.  
Ambiance: Simple restaurant feel. Nothing extraordinary.  
Price: Quite heavy on the pocket for an everyday meal. But they make up for it with the serving size and food quality.  
Food: Amazing stuff. Master of their own dish. 
Service: Steady. Occasionally fail to see you due to the restaurant design. But they are fast when they see you. Food takes some time to prepare.
Overall: 5 out of 5. Definitely my favorite and I will always come back for more MEGABEEF! Might try their other dishes soon. They too look amazing.

Try it out!! You will not regret it! Go! [Really love to share when I discover amazing things hahaha]


Sorry for the poorly shot menu :( I was too excited to eat.
Salad/Dessert/ Beverage Menu
Grill Menu
Katsu/ Donburi/ Soup Menu


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